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Welcome to my website which has three main sections:

Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Wisconsin is where I grew up and I am from a family of business owners, farmers, and construction workers. I am a multi-generation entrepreneur, my parents own a one of a kind business repairing choppper boxes (chopperbox.com). I also own a business, Business Model Consultant. The best way to launch a business is to find a migraine-sized problem, then tailor your product, service, social, or non-profit venture to that need through Business Model Consultant's "Discover, Implement, Adapt" process.

About Me

My mission, through Business Model Consultant is to help business owners in an ethical and transparent way. I hold three higher education degrees which have focused on the following areas: computer systems, computer programming, and business (with a finance emphasis).

Travels: Pictures, Trip Commentary & Travel Updates

Most people I know say that I have lived a live they can not even imagine. What they are talking about is how I have spent over 3 cumulative years traveling to 30 countries in the following regions, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. This mid-20's "retirement" was achieved by his sound investing and financial decisions. These were not two week trips to an all-inclusive resort. I spent 6 months in Australia driving a bought truck through the whole of Australia. I spent time on the third class trains in Bulgaria and Romania and the local buses in Peru, Thailand and countless other countries. I was amongst the people learning the local culture hiking in the local areas. If you find this interesting you might like my travel site. I posted lots of pictures from my first trip and various updates from all of my trips. Below is a picture of Becky and I in Thailand at Mae Ya Waterfall in 2010.

Travel Picture Gallery

Below is the picture

Brock and Becky in Thailand at Mae Ya Waterfall in 2010