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Fire Show in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand in 2005

Platteville Massage Therapy LLC

Platteville Massage Therapy LLC based in Platteville, WI and its owner, Becky Waterman, have a goal of utilizing massage therapy to help people have a better life and lower stress levels. Becky helps clients through many types of massage including deep tissue, medical (PNMT), Swedish, relaxation, prenatal, Craniosacral, and many more. Her medical massage background allows Becky to diagnose and treat clients who have specific pain issues. She also does chair massages for companies, non-profits, and other events.

Platteville Wedding Services - Officiant & Videographer

Platteville Wedding Services - Ceremony Officiant and Videographer based in Platteville, WI, is a company Brock Waterman started after getting married and seeing a gap in the local market. For people without a religious affiliation finding the right officiant can be a very difficult proposition. If you want to have the ceremony at the place of your choosing and do not want to have to be confirmed or take marriage classes what are you to do? Platteville Wedding Services solves this issue by giving you various options for your non-religious or non-denominational ceremony in the place you want, and we even allow you to design your own ceremony if you pick that package.

We also offer a basic HD videographer service for your wedding. This option is for people who want to be able to look back on their day, but who don't need or want it turned into a major movie production.

Lumber Land LLC - Chopper / Forage Box Repair

Lumber Land LLC is a chopper box / forage box / forage wagon repair business based in Boscobel, WI, originally opened in 1965. They work with both private farmers and insurance companies to offer the following services:

  1. Repair chopper box / forage boxes (H&S, Meyer, Gehl, Miller Pro, and more)
  2. Sell rebuilt forage / chopper boxes on our inventory page
  3. Sell used forage wagon / forage box parts

Fundunity LLC - Business Consultants

Funding and consulting that unites small businesses, investors, and the community. At Fundunity LLC, our emphasis is on helping small businesses with funding and consulting services. Fundunity LLC is an ambitious endeavor that brings together all the different aspects of Brock Waterman's work and personal experiences to help small businesses successfully launch, reach their full potential, and recover during tough times. The business is focused on the following areas to help small businesses:

Brock Waterman - Life and Travels

Brock Waterman's personal site which covers a variety of topics. It started out as a site covering all of his travels while he was on the road during his 14-month around the world trip in 2004. His travels included pictures, trip commentary, and travel updates which are all on this site. Later it morphed to include his SCUBA diving resume when he worked in Thailand and the Cayman Islands. Since he is now primarily in the United States the site has taken on a role in publicizing his business roles. It covers the businesses he owns completely or partially, with the most information being about his current venture Fundunity LLC. Lastly, in the past he was a futures and options broker, the CEO of the Pioneer Investment Club and Brock manages various investment accounts for his family, so there is information about investments and books he has read for business and investing knowledge.

Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant - Platteville, WI

Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant - Platteville, WI. Los Amigos offers dine-in, carry-out, and delivery. Los Amigos is good for groups and for kids and also has catering services available. In 2012, the building next door was purchased so that more seating could be added. Los Amigos can now seat around 80 people. Los Amigos is your premier Mexican restaurant for birthday parties, social gatherings, and business lunches.

A Fordable Storage - Platteville, WI

A Fordable Storage LLC, located in Platteville, Wisconsin, can help you with all of your storage unit rental needs. They have storage units in many different sizes allowing you to meet your budget in every rental situation. Their customers appreciate our efficiency and value as well as rental units that are clean, dry, and secure.

Hometown Painting Services

The Hometown Painting Services (HPS) website offers a variety of services including interior and exterior panting, decks, barns, power washing, and motorsports (Sandblasting Media Blasting and Soda Blasting, Powder Coating, Painting, Plasti-Dip, and Anodizing). Hometown Painting Services believes in providing the highest quality painting and staining services to our customers. The company’s greatest strength is its devotion to quality satisfaction. By refusing to cut corners, Hometown Painting Services out performs it’s competition in all areas of painting and staining. HPS serves the following markets: Madison, Verona, Mt. Horeb, Fitchburg, Middleton, Oregon, Shorewood Hills, Bishops Bay, New Glarus.

Ma's Bakery and Restaurant - Bloomington, WI

Ma's Bakery and Restaurant in Bloomington, WI has earned a deserved reputation for amazing food, attentive service, and great prices. Mary Adrian and her crew also do catering for various events like weddings, anniversaries, birthday, graduations, confirmations, baptisms, company events, and more throughout Grant and Crawford county and the tri-state (Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois) area.

At Ma's Bakery there are not menu's because of Mary's belief you should order what you want and then be charged only for that. This allows people to build their own meals, with exactly what they want and is something that our customers love. This flexibility is also shown in how we cater weddings as well as other events. We have several per plate options including them being by meat or by sandwich. People can also buy food items by the pound, roaster, or in other amounts for events as needed. Ma’s Bakery also does many types of cakes and cupcakes including, but not limited to, white, chocolate, marble, German chocolate, angel food, red velvet, strawberry, poppyseed, filled (raspberry, strawberry, lemon) and many more types and these can also be bought in many different price increments. As our name implies bakery and dessert is a specialty including donuts, pastries, rolls, coffee, pies, bars, Scotcharoos, cookies, crisp, and many more items. We also have a full restaurant which does options for both breakfast (which is available all day on Saturday and Sunday) and lunch including sandwiches, soups, and dip. If you are wondering about an item that we did not mention above call us chances are it is something that we have.

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STA Travel

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