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Australia - 2005-02-22 - 2 - Snowy Mountains - Charlotte's Pass (Page 2)

Charlotte's Pass is a skiing area, but it also provides access to climb Mt. Kosciuszko which is 2,228 meters (7,352 feet). You can also do some other walks around the park & to viewing areas. We first walked along a short information trail to the lookout. We saw snow in the far of mountains, which was the first time we had seen it in Australia. Also along the path we saw plants, trees & wildlife (skinks). Make sure to give the panoramic view of the mountains on page 2 a look, it is a beautiful picture of the view. It was my first attempt at a panoramic shot, but I think it turned out really nice :) After being at the look for a while we decided to walk down towards the Snowy river. It was also a nice walk & we were able to see how clear the water was there. It was really worth the drive to the pass as it was a beautiful & relaxing spot.

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Larger Version - 31 - Snowy River
31 - Snowy River
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Larger Version - 32 - Snowy River
32 - Snowy River
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Larger Version - 33 - Trees
33 - Trees
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Larger Version - 34 - Rocks
34 - Rocks
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Larger Version - 35 - Rocks
35 - Rocks
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Larger Version - 36 - Panoramic View of Snowy Mountains - Small
36 - Panoramic View of Snowy Mountains - Small
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