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Australia - 2005-03-13 - Phillip Island - Penguin Parade

Now I already know what you are thinking. Why only one picture of cute cuddly penguins? Well the penguin parade does not allow you to take any pictures (so they can sell you them). So I got in trouble for even this one picture, but at least it was a good one. The penguin happened to be walking by a light post so I could use that light. Using flash hurts there eyes & would get you kicked out. Whereas I only got told that I had to put my camera away. The ride down to the parade was actually the most fun part of the whole experience. Grant (England), Tasha (England), Anya (Australia), Carrie (Australia) & I all rode down in Carrie's car. We had some interesting conversations & stopped at this one restaurant where I got a "stack" of ribs. The restaurant took forever to get us our food, so we ended up being about 30 minutes late to see the penguins. We made the best of it though & still got to see numerous penguins so it was cool.

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