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Australia - 2005-03-22 - 2 - Smithton - Tier Hill Lookout & Cape Grim

Cape Grim has the cleanest air in the world, so who could turn that down? So we went there to take in the atmosphere. Although we found out that it is private land & you can only go on much over priced wind farm tours to see it. We decided to just check out the wind farms from the distance & go on to other things. On the way to Cape Grim we checkout out the Tier Hill Lookout which gave us a very nice panoramic view. Also on the way to Cape Grim we got stuck in a Tasmania Traffic Jam (a herd of cows). We had to stay behind them for while but eventually followed a ATV through them. It was actually really fun & added something special to the trip.

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Larger Version - 01 - Tier Hill Lookout - Panoramic View
01 - Tier Hill Lookout - Panoramic View
4/28/07 8:33 PM, 6518 KB

Larger Version - 02 - Tier Hill Lookout
02 - Tier Hill Lookout
4/28/07 8:33 PM, 227 KB

Larger Version - 03 - Cattle Herding
03 - Cattle Herding
4/28/07 8:33 PM, 183 KB

Larger Version - 04 - Windmills
04 - Windmills
4/28/07 8:33 PM, 250 KB

Larger Version - 05 - Windmills
05 - Windmills
4/28/07 8:33 PM, 244 KB

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