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Australia - 2005-04-04 - 1 - Dandenong Ranges National Park - Olinda Falls

On the previous day we had been driving most of the afternoon & didn't look for a place to camp until a little before sunset. Where we finally ended up was the parking lot for Olinda Falls. There was basically no one else there so we just unloaded everything. Although first we had to setup our tarp because it was raining and we didn't want all of our stuff wet. It was interesting getting everything setup & unloaded as we had never done it. There were no showers at this spot but there was a toilet & it was peaceful. We made supper in the dark, because it was completely dark after doing everything else. We slept in the truck which was ok, but quite a bit different to get used to after coming from single dorm beds. It was also really cold, we had both of our sleeping bags & the two blankets that were with the vehicle & were still cold. For anyone who knows how warm I usually am that says something :) One thing we knew was that we really needed to get things better organized, which we did after sleeping the night there. We also cooked eggs, beans & bread for breakfast which was a good way to start the day. After getting everything loaded and such we did the walk to Olinda Falls. The trail was an interesting walk & the falls were ok, but nothing spectacular.

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Larger Version - 01 - Trees & Path
01 - Trees & Path
4/29/07 10:34 PM, 386 KB

Larger Version - 02 - Upper Falls Stream
02 - Upper Falls Stream
4/29/07 10:34 PM, 427 KB

Larger Version - 03 - Upper Falls Stream
03 - Upper Falls Stream
4/29/07 10:35 PM, 407 KB

Larger Version - 04 - Upper Falls
04 - Upper Falls
4/29/07 10:35 PM, 318 KB

Larger Version - 05 - Upper Falls
05 - Upper Falls
4/29/07 10:35 PM, 325 KB

Larger Version - 06 - Stream
06 - Stream
4/29/07 10:35 PM, 288 KB

Larger Version - 07 - Lower Falls
07 - Lower Falls
4/29/07 10:35 PM, 314 KB

Larger Version - 08 - Trees
08 - Trees
4/29/07 10:35 PM, 321 KB

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