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Australia - 2005-04-05 - 1 - Geelong - City Drive

At Geelong is the first information center for the great ocean road. It was really good as we got so much information about what we should do & where we could go. They also called ahead to Queenscliff to see about the Dolphin & Seal swim. They found out that we had to be there by 12:30, which meant that we would not have time to explore Geelong. Although we did do the drive through scenic drive through Geelong & I got these 3 decent pictures from the car. We had stayed there the night before as well, but it was in a camping park because we wanted to get everything from the car cleaned. Our moms' would be proud of us because we washed every dish & container to get things off to the right start & got all the containers filled with water & such.

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