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Australia - 2005-04-05 - 2 - Queenscliff - Swimming with the Dolphins & Seals

Since I have dreamed about coming to Australia there has always been 2 things I absolutely had to do. #1 was swimming with Dolphins & #2 was diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Having already divided 10 times on the reef I had only the Dolphin swimming to do. When we went to the visitor center they checked on the details and knowing that they had seen dolphins the day before, the temperature was good & that there were spots still open we decided to go. Adrian was not going to go with, but decided to do it at the last minute. I also wanted to say thanks to my brother who gave me cash for my birthday & told me to do something that I really wanted with it. I was thinking about not doing it because of the $100 cost, but decided to use the money he had given me to pay for it :) Once there we went through the details quickly with the people on the boat. We then got fitted for our wet suit, snorkel, & mask. We also had to pay & get everything all signed. We then headed out to the first site which was a snorkeling place to get people used to snorkeling & the wet suits (for those who had never been in the water before). I almost skipped this part because there was supposed to be much to see. I decided to get in & was happy that I did. I saw some really cool fish by the dock area & once we went around the corner I saw a huge jelly fish. I was not able to get pictures of either because my underwater camera would not work. So once on the boat I decided to get another one so I could try to get some other pictures. On the way to the seal spot which is what they usually do second they heard that dolphins had been sited. So we broke for that area & after looking for a while found some pods of dolphins. After chasing them for a little while the dolphins decided to chase us. The second & third row are pictures from the front of the boat where the dolphins were swimming & jumping at. It was actually the coolest part of the trip. I was so close to them, if I hadn't been taking pictures I could have gotten really close to touching them. The swam with the boat for quite a while. In the meantime people had been being drug behind the boat & dolphins had been swimming by them. What you do it hang onto a rope with one hand & look underwater while the boat is moving (so the dolphins will come to see what you are doing). After being at the front for a while I decided to go try my luck with this. A little into the first time I figured out how I could use my legs to wrap in the rope so I had both hands free for pictures. Although I am not too sure that I will have any good pictures. I saw quite a few dolphins during my turn which was really cool. They would swim right under of in front of you. I never got to touch one but it was really cool. After coming back up I was thinking that I might be done, but I got to go 3 more times as there were openings on the lines. I saw 12 dolphins while I was being drug behind the boat. There were a couple that were pretty close, but they go by really fast. The whole process was different from what I had envisioned, but still very cool. After a while the boat took us to see the seals. The seals were all on this built place & they stank so bad. The cool thing about this part was that you got to get out & swim around (not within 5 meters of the platform). I was the first one off the boat & had seals around me the entire time. I followed this one around for a while who was basically playing in the water. After that I worked my way around the platform. I got to see one seal do a sea dump, which was interesting. At one point I had 5 seals swimming almost in reaching distance. Although you are not supposed to touch the seals & I did not it was cool because they didn't really seem to mind you being there & you got to see how agile they are underwater. After the seals we went back towards the harbor, but we did some fishing along the way. I caught 2 fish of decent size & reeled in one. We them ate one of the fish raw, which was interesting because I had never tried raw fish before. It was nasty & I would not do it again, but at least I gave it a shot. We also met a girl from Oz who was going to college in Ballarat, so that was nice to have another younger person to talk to. The crew of the boat also gave us a lot of information about the town including where we could get free showers & park for free. It was well worth the money & was such a unique experience :)

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Larger Version - 01 - Bird Crap Rocks
01 - Bird Crap Rocks
4/29/07 10:42 PM, 201 KB

Larger Version - 02 - Dolphins
02 - Dolphins
4/29/07 10:42 PM, 217 KB

Larger Version - 03 - Dolphin
03 - Dolphin
4/29/07 10:43 PM, 247 KB

Larger Version - 04 - Dolphin
04 - Dolphin
4/29/07 10:43 PM, 268 KB

Larger Version - 05 - Dolphin
05 - Dolphin
4/29/07 10:43 PM, 286 KB

Larger Version - 06 - Dolphin
06 - Dolphin
4/29/07 10:43 PM, 276 KB

Larger Version - 07 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
07 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
4/29/07 10:43 PM, 201 KB

Larger Version - 08 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
08 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
4/29/07 10:43 PM, 184 KB

Larger Version - 09 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
09 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
4/29/07 10:43 PM, 176 KB

Larger Version - 10 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
10 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
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Larger Version - 11 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
11 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
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Larger Version - 12 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
12 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
4/29/07 10:44 PM, 291 KB

Larger Version - 13 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
13 - Dolphins Swimming In Front of Boat
4/29/07 10:44 PM, 231 KB

Larger Version - 14 - Seal Colony
14 - Seal Colony
4/29/07 10:44 PM, 189 KB

Larger Version - 15 - Seal Colony
15 - Seal Colony
4/29/07 10:44 PM, 236 KB

Larger Version - 16 - Seal Colony
16 - Seal Colony
4/29/07 10:44 PM, 249 KB

Larger Version - 17 - Seal Colony
17 - Seal Colony
4/29/07 10:44 PM, 222 KB

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