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Australia - 2005-04-14 - 1 - Adelaide & Dublin - Church & Breakfast Spot

We were not doing the truck trip to stay in big cities & really had no desire to stay in Adelaide. However, sometimes things happen. We had gotten to Adelaide around 1pm the day before. We had lots of things to get done. I had to go to the doctor to get a cut on my foot checked out, catch lunch, get visitor information, check travel plans & prices & Internet to name just a few. Well by the time we got everything done it was about 7:30pm. The problem was that the parking ramp closed at 6:30pm & we had no way to get our truck out. So we had to stay the night in a dorm in Adelaide, which actually felt weird after being used to the truck. Part of the issue was that we didn't have anything with us, so that made it tough to stay. We also had to buy supper which ended up being pizza. I was able to talk the people at the YHA hostel reception into letting us use free towels which was cool. We also met a couple of nice people in the hostel. We got up really early the next morning to be there when the ramp opened & had to pay our large overnight fee, which was not cool. We then drove for a little while before getting eating our cereal for breakfast. We picked the tiny town of Dublin, which had a nice roadside stop area. On the way out of Adelaide is where I took the picture of the church.

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Larger Version - 01 - Adelaide Church
01 - Adelaide Church
5/1/07 4:53 PM, 228 KB

Larger Version - 02 - Dublin Rest Area
02 - Dublin Rest Area
5/1/07 4:53 PM, 299 KB

Larger Version - 03 - Dublin Rest Area
03 - Dublin Rest Area
5/1/07 4:54 PM, 376 KB

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