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Australia - 2005-04-21 - 5 - West MacDonnell National Park - Drive to Alice Springs

After Ormiston we had a bit of driving to do to get to Alice Springs. We decided to hold off on seeing the rest of the park for a few days to give our tired feet a chance to rest. The drive from to Alice Springs was very beautiful. Most of these are shots from the moving truck, so some have a little blur. We couldn't stop at every nice place for a picture because we would have never got to Alice Springs :) When we got to Alice Springs, we were starving & craving something other than food we had been eating for the past 2+ weeks. So we went to pizza hut & got a large pizza, with garlic bread & a soft drink. It was so good, even though it didn't totally fill us up. After that we went around town & did some errands that we needed to. It was nice to be in a "city" again. Actually when I called it a city at the petrol station, the attendant told me that it was the first time she had ever heard Alice Springs called that :) Anyway, after all of this we got ourselves ready to go out for some much needed partying. The thing we didn't realize was how far our caravan park was out of town. It took us about 25-30 minutes to walk into town & we are fast walkers. But we went out & had a few alcoholic beverages (our first since Melbourne). I also saw James whom I had met in Melbourne originally at the club, which was cool I got to catch up with him & meet some people he knew. It was a good time even though we spent more money that we would have liked to. On the way home Adrian asked me about 4 times if we were going the right way (it was basically a straight walk back from the bars). It was basically the reverse of what had happened at Ormiston when I was asking him, & each time we were right. Funny how that works :) After a long nights sleep I got up & started getting some stuff cleaned. Adrian decided to sleep off his hangover (I wasn't hangover). I washed clothes & my bag which I had desperately needed to do. I also responded to some e-mails & did other computer stuff. After a while he got up & we cleaned the truck which had changed its color to red from all the dust. We also had to clean every item we had in the truck as the dust had went everywhere. I had also washed the windows before so that we could see out of the truck. See how exciting it can be to go backpacking around the world :) After doing all that we headed into town. I bought a German book so I could start reading to try to learn the language better, since it interests me. We also did Internet & other things like getting groceries. We ate subway for lunch, but did not get a boost, because as we were informed the it had closed several months before we got there. Boost is a fruit juice smoothie, which is incredibly good :) After all this we both got showers & I got ready to go out again. Adrian still was not feeling that great so he decided not to. The night was a fun one, I even the girl we had bought our pizza from the night before when I was out in the clubs, so I talked to her for a while. She remembered from seeing me once, which I thought was rather impressive. I didn't drink as much as the night before, but had a good time dancing & such. Alice Springs is not exactly the party capital of the world, but compared to where we had been it was fun. I would usually just work on my computer at night or go to sleep.

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