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Australia - 2005-04-25 - 2 - Elsey National Park - Mataranka Thermal Pool

After driving another sizable distance in the morning we got to paradise, known as the Mataranka Thermal Pool. We hadn't seen a place we could swim for ages. But the reason it was so nice was because the water was so clear & warm. The thermal pool is a natural off flow of the river & is beautiful for a little swim. The area has "freshies" (freshwater crocodiles). However, there are not any at the thermal pool so its even better. After the thermal pool we went down to check out the river. We did a little swim there & did not encounter any crocs, which was good. Freshwater crocodiles are the ones that you don't have to worry about, so we were hoping to see one. While at the thermal part I also accomplished something I had always wanted to do. I got myself to open my eyes underwater. It is weird because I can't in the salt water & chlorinated water hurts my eyes as well. So I basically never tried that much. Adrian said the water was incredibly clear so I gave it a shot & it worked :) It is blurry but you can see general shapes & such. It was really cool, it is funny the little things in life that I have never done, which I continually seem to be doing on this trip. Not that it is a big accomplishment or anything, but I though people might find that interesting :)

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01 - Palm Trees
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02 - Tropical Oasis
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04 - Stream
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