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Australia - 2005-04-25 - 3 - Elsey National Park - Bitter Springs

After the first swim we were keen for another place to get in the warm water. Bitter Springs which is also in the park gave us that opportunity. The water here was even more clear than the other spot, but less warm. However, there were not nearly as many people here which was nice. We walked along for a little while until we found a place we could get in. When Adrian got in he did a dive. This got my interest as I didn't know how to dive. This is interesting because I know about every swim stroke there is & love water, but I never learned how to dive properly. So he showed me how to do the dives. I did most of my work from the bottom step & pretty soon I was diving relatively well. The first few provided a few belly flops which was not great. Of course one I had the bottom step accomplished the next logical step was to go to a ten foot running dive from the top step. Lets just say that Adrian made these look a lot easier than I realized. I had numerous belly flops & even a few that hurt worse than that (think just below belly). But after a while I hit a few successful ones which was cool. We also swam downstream to a different spot to do some dives from that area. When I walked out of the springs my body was worse for ware, but I had learned how to dive which was worth the pain :)

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01 - Path
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