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Australia - 2005-04-28 - Highway 1 - Blown Tire

On the way to Broome on Highway 1, about 80 kilometers away we had our first major vehicle issue. The tire blew while Adrian was driving. He was able to slow down & get the truck to the side of the road. The tire was completely gone as you can see from the first picture. The second picture shows how close we were to the road, but getting off it further would have made it really tough to change the tire. The third picture shows the storm looked like it might be closing in on what was a rather hot day. After checking it out we decided we had no choice but to change it there, so we got all the tools around and started to change it. The problem was the jack that we had was really small & did not have a handle. So we had to do the first part by hand, then had to use a combination of wrenches & screwdrivers to get leverage on the jack to lift the truck high enough to get the tire off. I got 2 blisters on my hands from this & it took us a really long time. We had one guy stop to help but he didn't have any tools so it didn't help us much. We got the truck just high enough to get the tire off & then were going to dig out the space we needed to put the new one on. After finally getting the tire high enough we took the old tire off. When we took it off we realize that there was a big rock right where we needed to dig. Eventually we used the hammer & screwdriver to get the rock out & dug out what we needed to get the spare tire on. Then we got it all tightened up & put the old tire on the back door before heading off. I think the whole process took us around an hour, due to all the problems we encountered. The happy part of the story was that we were able to get a "new" tire installed on the old rim & balance, plus put on the car for $20 in Broome 2 days later :)

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Larger Version - 01 - Blown Tire
01 - Blown Tire
5/2/07 8:42 PM, 253 KB

Larger Version - 02 - Disabled Truck
02 - Disabled Truck
5/2/07 8:43 PM, 323 KB

Larger Version - 03 - Storm Coming In
03 - Storm Coming In
5/2/07 8:43 PM, 287 KB

Larger Version - 04 - Our Spare Tire Now On
04 - Our Spare Tire Now On
5/2/07 8:43 PM, 218 KB

Larger Version - 05 - The Blown Tire
05 - The Blown Tire
5/2/07 8:43 PM, 288 KB

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