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Australia - 2005-04-30 - 7 - Karijini National Park - Kalimina Gorge & Waterfalls (Page 2)

By the time we got to Kalimina Gorge it was getting very late in the day. We decided that we wanted to see it that day, but it was quite a long trek for the light we had. So we ran to the end, then took a little more time on the way back. This is another one of those walks that does not really have a specific path so you end up crossing the stream to be on the side which has an area to walk not covered by water. There was not really an official end, it was more we got to the arch & decided that we could not really go any further. One thing that I looked at so much in Karjini is how layered & distinct the rocks were. The rocks looks like something that was all one part & then someone broke them very unevenly. Sometimes one layer will be farther out than another & back & forth. There is not much consistency to them at all, which makes it all the better to look at. The water was not very deep at any point, but the stream is what gave this gorge the distinctive shape over the years & created the layered look. This is one of those walks where I wish we would have had more time, but we did get to see a lot of the area. The second row of the second page is a picture of me at the arch. The last picture on the second page also shows the waterfall that we came back to at the end of the walk & second to last picture shows the pool where we took a swim. At the end of a long day of trekking it is always nice to take a swim. Especially since we knew that we would be staying in the parking lot for the night & would not have a chance to wash off otherwise. The parking lot was a pretty nice one & no one ended up bothering us, which was good. Pretty sure it was illegal to camp there, but nobody really checks that anywhere.

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