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Australia - 2005-05-17 - 1 - Penguin Island - The Penguin Experience

After getting back from the Rottnest island trip on May 14 we decided that we would leave Perth on May 17. This was because Sayoko & I still had much to do (but mainly on my end). I had business tasks, a web site to develop, e-mail, pictures to upload to the site & trip research. I had been working on this, but I really focused on it with a renewed effort during the May 15 & 16. I also had to do tasks like laundry & Sayoko prepared the truck for the trip by getting the inside cleaned & dishes ready to use. There was also other truck maintenance that I had to do. Lastly we had to plan our groceries & where we were going on the trip. We worked on all this hard for the 2 days, so that we could leave on May 17, which worked even though I did not get as caught up as I wanted to. Either way we got everything packed in the truck & all checked out of the Globe. An interesting story is there you have to pay a $20 key deposit, but you can turn in any key to get your deposit back. So by the time I left I was on my third key. I am sure my first one was stolen, as I left it out after a night of partying with Anya & Adrian. I am not 100% sure the second one was stolen, I could have lost that one. Either way it cost me an extra $40 to stay there. The up side is that I was able to have a free wireless connection by my laptop the entire time I was there which made me back my $40 easy. I was online for so much & used the connection to copy so many pictures to the site & upload the web page I had designed. I think I probably spend at least 30 hours online trying to catch up with things while I was there which would have been at least $60. You win some, you lose some :)

Yes, Penguin island near Rockingham (about 47k south of Perth) does have penguins! The ferry to the island is slow ride, but doesn't take that long. When you get there you can see a single big building on the island & this is where the penguins reside. This is for rehabilitating penguins they are not really there for people to see. They are were about 8 penguins, their color is a dark blue, almost black color. Some were playing in the water & out walking around when we got there. The reason to come during feeding time is that you get to see all of them. Some were rather shy & did not want to come out for their feeding so the trainers would get them to move out of their sleeping boxes. It is a whole little environment they have setup for them. They track how much each penguin eats at each feeding & vary the food day by day. Some like to be hand fed, one requires a trainer to have there finger in her mouth while she eats the fish (something the mother does at first with her beak to help) & others want to have the food thrown in the water so they can catch & eat it while swimming. It was great to see them all & you can tell how much the trainers care about them. They tell you information about the penguins while doing the feeding, which is interesting as well. The last couple pictures show the boxes they stay in. They have special lighting they do at night & have the boxes setup specially. One of our favorite penguins was Sassy because she did not want to be woke up, I can relate to wanting to sleep in :)

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Page with Video - 07 - Penguins Swimming (Video)
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24 - Feeding Penguins (Video)

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