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Australia - 2005-05-24 - 7 - Albany - Middleton Beach Lookout

Another lookout is the Middleton Beach Lookout which provided more views out over the harbour. After the views we went to Albany where Sayoko went online for free at the library. For me to connect with my laptop I had to find another place which I did eventually, but the place was closing in 10 minutes so I didn't have long to e-mail. After getting that done we went to get to get groceries & do some other big city things. The last stop for the night was the theater were I was finally able to see the newest & final installment of the Star Wars movie. It was an outstanding movie & made me really happy. After that we headed off to the caravan park that the people at the information center had told us about. However, we could not find it which made me really mad because we got really bad directions. At that point we had to search around in the dark for another place which we eventually found. It was right in the city, but it was a place to sleep which is what we needed.

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