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Australia - 2005-05-28 - 3 - Nambung National Park - Kangaroo Beach Sunset

After spending time in the Pinnacles we drove to a beach where we thought it would be the best to stay the night. We didn't really see the beach from where we were at, but we picked the beach that had less people so that we had less of a chance of being bothered by other people or national park staff. While Sayoko was making Japanese Pizza I did the normal truck unload & bed setup for the night. The pizza is hard to explain but so good, it is like a pancake & has potatoes, shredded lettuce, bacon, cheese & other things. It is just so unique tasting, plus you get to add ketchup or barbecue sauce which I like. While we ate supper we were able to watch the picturesque sunset, which had so many colors.

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