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Australia - 2005-05-29 - 2 - Geraldton - Town Beach Picnic

As I said from when Adrian & I drove to Geraldton there is really not that much to do here, even though it is the second biggest city on the west coast. Although there was a subway, which made me very happy, so I got lunch there & Sayoko got lunch for a burger place & we ate on the beach. After having the bad weather we had in most of the southwest, it was great to have the weather switch. The weather had started getting better about 3 days before & it was nice straight through & including on this day. The weather on the west coast seems to be a lot nice than it is in the southwest. Of course it is a different type of climate which calls for much less rain & warmer weather. It was a nice relaxing way to each lunch & see the beautiful blue of the ocean once again.

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