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Australia - 2005-05-29 - 3 - Geraldton - Western Australia Museum

The one attraction that seemed worth stopping at in Geraldton was the Western Australian Museum. The displays there were titled towards the naval history of Australia. The Batavia is a gruesome example of human history. We watched a video about it (the main attraction of the museum) which detailed how the ship had sank & the mutiny that happened & how so many people were killed. It was such a sad story & so many people needlessly perished.

One thing that is interesting about Australia is how the people do not work much the days that things are open & how often everything is completely closed. Even though we were in Geraldton during the middle of the day on a Sunday, there were NO supermarkets open. There also seem to be a random holiday every week which is an excuse for everything to be closed. I also needed to see the doctor about a problem I was having with my foot. So we decided to go to a Caravan park just outside of Geraldton to stay so that the next day we could see the doctor & get groceries. The campground was a nice place to stay & we met some cool people while making supper who we talked to quite a bit. The only problem was with a guy in a campground across from us who was really obnoxious because he did not like how loud or doors were when we closed them. Sorry but we didn't have thousand for a beautiful camper with easy seal doors, we had a 4WD. Its just another reason that we preferred to free stay in the middle of nowhere, so much nicer not to have to deal with stupid people. Either way the next morning we got up I got to see the doctor & got some stuff to make my foot better & we got our groceries as the super market was open at 10am on a Monday morning,...amazing.

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Larger Version - 01 - Batavia Cannon
01 - Batavia Cannon
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Larger Version - 02 - Batavia Cannon
02 - Batavia Cannon
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Larger Version - 03 - Batavia Cannon Info
03 - Batavia Cannon Info
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Larger Version - 04 - Batavia Skull
04 - Batavia Skull
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Larger Version - 05 - Exhibit
05 - Exhibit
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