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Australia - 2005-05-31 - 01 - Kalbarri National Park - Camp Ground Rottweiler

Taz is our Rottweiler at home, here you see one I met at the camp ground. He was not to thrilled with me taking his picture as you can see in the second picture.

The night before we had done quite a bit. We had cleaned up everything from the truck, changed water, sorted groceries to fit best (something you just have to do when you don't have much room) & made Mexican for supper. I had also talked to my parents, in part because we had experienced a few problems with the 4WD that day. There had been times where it did not want to turn over. It was more that it would not even make a try. What my parents suggested was completely cleaning the battery posts. So we made due with what we could (old toothbrush for instance) to get everything cleaned off. One post was pretty bad. There were also some other small adjustments & I did the normal complete morning check of oil, brake & other fluids. When you have an old truck that you drive hard you just need to do this every day. We hoped that the starting issue would not turn into a major problem. As I found out later this was more that start of our problems with the truck

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