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Australia - 2005-05-31 - 09 - Kalbarri National Park - Z Bend

We thought the Z bend would have a lookout, but it really didn't & it looked like the path was going to be quite a long one to where we could see anything so since we did not know much about it decided to just go a little ways. It was was the other end of the gravel road from the Loop. We had a few problems getting the truck started which was the first time it happened that day. After working on it a little I was able to get things going, it seems that battery post was not that tight after getting the corrosion off of it. It was also the first place that the automatic door locking/unlocking stopped working (had to due with battery being off the post). You never want to be stranded out anywhere, but we knew it would not be a huge deal if we were since we were pretty used to sleeping in the middle of nowhere & had planned to free camp that night anyway. However, we had a lot to do yet in the day so once we got things fixed we drove away.

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