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Australia - 2005-06-01 - 7 - Francios Peron National Park - Peron Homestead Artesian Bore

Our last stop for the day before going to Monkey Mia was Francios Peron National Park. I had learned my lesson of not going past the homestead from when Adrian & I had been there. So we just checked out the Bandicoot signs & made a stop at the Artesian Bore hot tub. It was really nice & we met a group of travelers who were in the bus coming up the coast. It was nice to get to talk to other people. I also found out that there were people paying more for 10 organized tour days than I was for the entire 4WD truck trip. Just have to love that because I saw everything they did & way more. It takes some commitment & there are hassles (like truck troubles), but buying a vehicle is the only way to properly travel Australia (with the exception of the east coast from Sydney to Cairns). After our time in the hot tub we got back on the road to get to Monkey MIA & caught a nice sunset on the way. Once at Monkey MIA we caught up on several things we needed to do like laundry, dishes, charging batteries. I ended up being frustrated because someone stole my camera battery while it was charging. I luckily had 2 more because I had bought the new camera, but it is more a principle thing. Better than my laptop though! We made a nice supper & did some calling, getting to bed early so that we could be ready for the early morning dolphin show the next day.

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Larger Version - 01 - Bandicoot Sign & Sky
01 - Bandicoot Sign & Sky
5/8/07 12:08 AM, 281 KB

Larger Version - 02 - Bandicoot Sign
02 - Bandicoot Sign
5/8/07 12:08 AM, 509 KB

Larger Version - 03 - Bandicoot Sign
03 - Bandicoot Sign
5/8/07 12:08 AM, 492 KB

Larger Version - 04 - Artesian Bore
04 - Artesian Bore
5/8/07 12:09 AM, 277 KB

Larger Version - 05
6/1/05 5:13 AM, 317 KB

Larger Version - 06
6/1/05 5:13 AM, 316 KB

Larger Version - 07
6/1/05 5:13 AM, 317 KB

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