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Australia - 2005-06-02 - 3 - North West Coastal Highway - Lookout

While in Monkey Mia we had to make some decisions about the trip. I would have liked to go to Coral Bay & Exmouth for snorkeling & diving. However, Sayoko was not much of a swimmer & certainly not a diver or snorkeler. That is the main reason you go there, so that was something we could skip. I was flying out of Australia on June 23, flying back to Perth from Darwin on June 20 & needed to have the truck sold before I could fly out of Darwin. Plus we had 3500 kilometers before we would be in Darwin & wanted to spend 3-4 days in Litchfield & Kakadu National Parks & a day in a nice hotel in Darwin. We also wanted to spend several days in the Kimberly. All of this came together to show that we did not have much time & would need to do 3-4 days of hard driving with little site seeing to do about half of the 3500k which would get us to Broome. If you are not going to Coral Bay/Exmouth or Karjini National Park (which is out of the way) there is really nothing to do between Monkey MIA & Broome, especially the last part from Port Headland to Broome. Another thing that made a difference was that with Adrian we would do 1000k driving days sometimes, but we both drove. Sayoko does not drive & could not read the map very much since it was in English so it made the next 3-4 days tough driving days even though they were not the larger than what I had did at other points on the trip.

This stop was a lookout not on the map but provided a nice view & an ability to get out & stretch before hitting the road again.

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