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Australia - 2005-06-08 - 1 - The Kimberly - Lennard River Gorge (Page 1)

Both Sayoko & my favorite place in the entire Kimberly, which says a lot. The night before we had gotten to Lennard road which takes you to the gorge. We went about 6k of the 8k road & decided that we were going to have to stop if we did not want to break an axle on the truck (reference pictures 1 & 2, in which you can't even see the deep ruts). So we pulled off at a little side stop & got the site ready for night 2 of staying in the Kimberly. We got everything setup & after supper decided that we would lay out under the stars for a while which was great. You can see the sky so clearly & its so bright, just stunning. The big problem is that the "air" mattress leaked so it was not feasible to sleep outside, but we did enjoy being out there for a while.

The next morning we started walking down the road to get the gorge walk. We had seen other vehicles come in during the night & they kept going, but most did not go far & stopped at the next pull off. The funny thing was that those people decided since they had to walk on the road to get to the walking trail they were not going. I think it is pretty funny when people will not put out effort to get to walk. I mean isn't that part of the reason you are walking? Anyway, the first 2 rows of pictures are walking along the road before we even got to the walking trail. After that are the pictures coming into shape as we got close to the gorge on the trail. You actually have to wind your way down the hill to get to the river in the gorge. We eventually made it to the bottom & saw another large lizard sunning himself (second page rows 3-4). The river was really not flowing, it was more of a pond, but if it had rained it would have been going full steam. We walked across the river bid to the other side & a little ways up there trying to get to this opening, but decided there was not really a path & we wanted to go for a swim back at the river. On the third page you can see the pictures from the pond & the walk back to the truck. On of the pictures show a truck in the distance & the road in the foreground. This truck had this couple who had drove all the way to the walk site (only ones I saw do that), in their rented truck. They decided they did not want to get out & turned around. While driving back this guy gotten stuck on the rocks. Not only stuck but the truck only had three wheels on the ground, it was about ready to tip over. His wife was standing below the truck (yep right where it would have tipped). When she saw me she asked if I could help. Well first off I told her to move to a safe place. Then I talked to him while he sat in the truck. I told him to put in 4 Wheel Drive Low (he had it is 2 high, the worst choice he had). Then I jumped on the side that was off the ground & had him turn the wheel to get contact with the ground & give it gas. I was able to shout directions to him & he was able to get it up the hill. They had never drove a 4WD before, great time to start, some people just don't think things through. I explained how to gears worked to him & how to drive this road & sent them on their way. Even though they were driving & we were walking we caught up to them 2 more times, but they were not in danger this time. I guess all that 4WD stuff my parents have always told & driving one myself for a long time pays off at some point :) We obviously saw people on the road, but the entire time on the trail & in the gorge, which was at least 3 hours, we did not see any other people. I think that was part of the reason that we loved Lennard Gorge so much, because besides being beautiful it was an area so few people get to & because it was out private gorge for that morning.

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