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Australia - 2005-06-08 - 4 - The Kimberly - Drive to Galvan Gorge

The first 5 pictures are from the drive back out of the Bell Gorge access road. It was the first water crossing that I thought to take a picture at, but we had many in the Kimberly. These 2 were not that bad because they were shallow & not that wide, which helped. The rest of the pictures are from along the road on the way to the Galvan Gorge parking lot where we would spend the night. Sayoko took several videos of the drive as well. We thought we would go to the Mt. Barnett Roadhouse & stay at Manning Gorge. It was one of the few campsites on the Gibb, but it was so expensive, did not have power or water. Basically there was no reason to sleep there over sleeping back at Galvan since we planned to go back there the next morning anyway. Once we got there I got everything setup while Sayoko made some pasta. It was our third night in a row of free camping at this point but it was worth it, because you are totally into the atmosphere & nature. The day had been a good one, but after Bell gorge we had drove quite a bit considering how rough the road was. Being at Galvan put us at less than the halfway point on the Gibb River Road. We still had a lot of things that we wanted to see. We had already decided that we would not be taking the long road to the north to highly acclaimed Mitchell Falls since we did not have that much time. We also decided that after going to all these free gorges we were not paying $20 just to see the Manning Gorge. The pictures they showed were nice, but it was mainly waterfalls & there was not much water this time of year so they would not have been anywhere as good as the pictures. The spot we picked worked out well, but there were points we were not sure because we were right on the main road & so many people were there doing construction, but we never got hassled.

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Page with Video - 06 - River Crossing (Video)
06 - River Crossing (Video)

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07 - Driving (Video)

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08 - Driving (Video)

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09 - Driving & Cows (Video)

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