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Australia - 2005-06-09 - 3 - The Kimberly - Rest Stop River & Views from the Road

After the Barnett River Gorge we had a few small stops & interesting views from the road. Here are those, plus a close to sunset picture. The interesting thing about the last 4 pictures (before sunset) is that it is the area where we stayed. We just pulled off to the side of the road in this mini way side & made our home there, it was just past Bradley's Billabong which meant that we were getting down to the last fourth of the Gibb River Road. Only 2 cars went by the entire night we were there from the time we got there, so we picked well in terms of not getting bothered. This was our fourth night in a row staying in a place with no showers, no toilets & anything else for that matter. We made due really well. The only thing that helped a little was that during the first full day we had snuck a shower at the Windjana Gorge camp ground. We also were swimming all the time to keep somewhat clean. There is something to be said for the living on the land lifestyle. It was so amazing & something I was not sure I could have ever done. I was so proud of myself & Sayoko too, she had never done anything like this at all. It was an experience I will never forget. The Kimberly is the most remote, roughest place in all of Australia. It makes the Outback look like Sydney. We loved it though & it would be at the top of my list to go back to. So few tourists get here, which is nice because you have so little competition. There can be a lot right at the beginning at Derby & at the end at El Questro, but in between nobody goes there. They are missing out, we were so lucky to be among the few to see the harsh, beautiful Kimberly.

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Larger Version - 01 - Rest Stop View
01 - Rest Stop View
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Larger Version - 02 - Rest Stop View
02 - Rest Stop View
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Larger Version - 03 - Rest Stop View
03 - Rest Stop View
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Larger Version - 04
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