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Australia - 2005-06-09 - 4 - The Kimberly - Blown Tire

The Kimberly is tough on vehicles, especially tires. While going down the gravel road at about 100 kph we blew a tire. Luckily it did not blow out bad & I was able to slow down safely. After examining it a little I determined we could push on for a while on this tire until we got to a point were we could pull of the road & get to a better place to stop. I think we drove about 12k on the blown tire until finding a way side. There happened to be another car there. They were a really nice Swiss couple who had some really nice equipment. They gave me their great jack (our did not have a lever so had to be lifted by using a screwdriver as Adrian & I had found out, which takes forever & causes blisters). We had the truck lifted, spare tire off the back, old tire off the axle & on the back of the truck, new tire on the axle & bolted on in under 15 minutes. I got so dirty doing all this & it was hot enough to make it tough. I was smart in that I parked in the shade which helped a little & in a way that the tire had to be lifted the least. Either way the nice equipment from the Swiss couple helped out so much & Sayoko did really well getting things around. It worked out great considering how big of a problem it could have been. One thing that I was then really worried about was not having another spare. I did know that if something happened I could have put this one back on to limp to somewhere. When the tire had blown on Adrian & I there was nothing left, it was totally worthless. After getting this all done & thanking the Swiss people profusely we got on our way.

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Larger Version - 01 - Blown Tire
01 - Blown Tire
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Larger Version - 02 - Blown Tire
02 - Blown Tire
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Larger Version - 03 - Fixed Tire
03 - Fixed Tire
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