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Australia - 2005-06-10 - 02 - The Kimberly - Pentecost River Crossing

The pictures don't really do this one justice, watch the video to get a feel for this. The videos were taken while crossing the river, the other pictures are taken looking back. This was a true river crossing. We had been going through water, but nothing like this. One mistake while driving & the truck would have been in trouble. I decided to attach the river crossing in second gear which worked well. The nice thing was that I had got practice with some other small crossings along the way & learned second was the best gear to take them at. You can go too fast because you have no control & the water will get everywhere. You can't go too slow or you might get stuck. What you are driving across is all rocks of different size. It was exciting to do this crossing. The crossing reminds me of when I used to mudbog, which was a driving competition with a straight course & you would drive to see who could get the farthest. The reason it reminds me of that is that you sit at the start trying to get a line to take & getting your gears figured out & this was a slightly longer distance than the mud bog pits. It actually ended up going really smoothly, which is good because the last thing I needed was another vehicle issue. Crossing like this are another reason I call the Kimberly the most extreme place in Australia.

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Page with Video - 01 - River Crossing (Video)
01 - River Crossing (Video)

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Page with Video - 06 - River Crossing View (Video)
06 - River Crossing View (Video)

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