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Australia - 2005-06-10 - 03 - The Kimberly - Drive to El Questro

Driving to El Questro was very beautiful, there were mountains everywhere & frequent river crossings. Could have really taken 40 pictures just on this drive, but tried to contain myself :)

Once we got to El Questro it was like being New York City as far as we were concerned. We had to pay a $25 fee for the park for the day, but with that we were able to fill up our water (which we had ran out of that morning), get showers (needed badly), get ice (story on this in a minute) & talk to a car mechanic about some issues with the truck & got new battery caps to replace lost ones. We also talked to the guy at selling the ice & park passes about where to go. He told us that a few things we wanted to go to were closed, but gave us some other places to go. He also told us that Zedebee Springs would close at noon & we wanted to go there so it was good to know that it would be the first place we go. We had not had ice for days & since it was very warm there it was great to have cold beverages. So we bought a 3 kg bag of ice for $5, which was quite expensive (most everything was at El Questro, but worth it). Well when I would get ice I would normally drop it on the ground to break it up. She had seen me do this but I would just drop it from about chest high with no addition force. When she did she went from up near her head & put her arms into it. This of course broke the bag of ice all over the ground. As soon as she did this, well I kinda laughed first, but right after that we started picking up all the precious little pieces of ice. I was not the only one that say this, the person whom we had purchased the ice & talked about touring the park. He must have felt bad for Sayoko because he came over with a new bag of ice that he gave us. It was such a nice thing to do, people really exceeded expectation sometimes in a good way. One thing you can say about the Australia people as a whole is that they are good people who are willing to help you if they can. We were able to get everything done & head out for the springs before they were set to close, I think the more you travel the quicker you can get things done in a pinch. After the stop at the El Questro range we felt like we were human again & set for the last day in the Kimberly, it is like an oasis in the middle of nowhere.

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