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Australia - 2005-06-13 - 1 - Litchfield National Park - Magnetic Termite Mounds

Before getting to the Termite mounds we need to discuss the night before. It was the worst night of the trip. After the nature park that day which had been great we drove to Litchfield & free camped at the welcome area. This seemed like a good idea & would have been ok if it had not been for the mosquitos. We had somehow lost my repellent & had not noticed it because this was the first place we needed it. The 4WD does not have nets, but it was really hot so we needed air in the truck. However, when you open the truck you let in mosquitos in. You want to cover up but are already warm. It is really a lose-lose situation. They were so bad Sayoko did not sleep much all night, she just itched. I was better able to handle it. Having so many allergies, so badly & itching excessively as a kid, you have to learn how to suppress the urge. That came into play because there was the urge. Another thing that helps is that my legs did not get bit much as mosquitos tend to avoid areas with hair. The buzzing noise was really bad, I put on my MP3 player to at least drown that out. Either way it was very uncomfortable for both of us. They finally started leaving us alone in early morning which allowed us to get a little sleep, however we got up early because this was an area where people would notice us. In fact just as we were getting packed up we had a park officer come up to us asking if we stayed the night. They just ask, "Would you like to pay a fine?", & the obvious answer is no we were just sorting some of our things to get ready to see Litchfield. She knew I was lying, I am not good at that, but there was really nothing much she could do about it. Either way we finished up quickly & headed out.

Our first stop was the Magnetic Termite Mounds which are a big attraction for the park. These mounds grow in a north south direction to maximize the effects that they receive from the sun. There are these mounds all over, it is really interesting. While we were there we saw lots of other little insects. A group of ants were carrying a huge (in comparison to them) stick like insect up the tree to there nest, but they had went up the wrong branch. Either way it is awesome to watch them carry something so many times bigger than them. We also saw a skink as you can see from the pictures. There was so much information at this stop that we spent quite a bit time learning about different types of termites & how they build there homes. It was a really good place start to the day :)

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