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Australia - 2005-06-14 - Darwin - Gecko Lodge Sign & Esplanade Walk View (Sayoko)

This day was set to be a work day. Priority number 1 was the truck sale, since it had to be sold by in 6 days before I flew out from Darwin. First we went to the information center to find the best way to sell the truck & the places to put up our posters. We were told about a few backpacker sale places, but we drove by them & they did not look like a good deal. Sitting all day in the hot sun, waiting for a few people to come through a small high fenced dirt parking lot, not really for me. It did not even look appealing. We went to the printing place & had copies made of the flier which we had worked on. I wrote up the information & Sayoko used my computer & her Adobe Photoshop knowledge to make it look great, it is the last image on this page. We even had the little tear off pieces at the bottom printed. After getting our print outs which did cost quite a bit of money being color, we sat in the park & did the cutting. Then we went to every possible place in town (mainly hostels & camping areas) to post every where we could. We figured this would be the ultimate backpacker vehicle for some lucky traveler. Although, it really needed quite a bit of work, I posted it for $3900, which was well more than we paid for it. However, backpackers always want to negotiate down, so I figured I would be lucky to get low $3000 out of it. That still have been more than we paid. However, we paid well under what we should have, so that really did not affect what I should sell it for in my mind, we just got lucky & found a deal. We also were looking at the hostels as potential places to stay when we got back. The Gecko Lodge was worth a picture because Sayoko's pen name is Yamori (which is Gecko in English), her business web site is After getting all this done we were able to park near the Esplanade & go eat our late lunch looking over the water. It was a nice view from there & good to chill out because we still had a lot to do in the afternoon. We spent a little time online emailing which I had not done much since we were North of Perth. I was also able to put some pictures online which I had not done for a while. By the time we were done with everything it was getting late in the afternoon. We decided that we were not going back to the "detention center of a campground" we had been at the night before. We were going to drive towards Kakadu. I want to visually draw this but will try to explain with words. Think what we were doing as a triangle. You drive straight south on the highway from Darwin, the at a certain point you go left in a Northeast direction until you get to the city of Jabiru, then you come turn left again to the northwest which brings you back to the highway which forms the triangle. It is then a small drive straight North to Darwin. You can also do the same thing in the opposite direction, but either way you need to drive a triangle to see everything & not back track. So we decided to do the more driving first, mainly that night. Considering how far we had to go we decided to gas up just outside of town at a nice Coles Express. We got the gas there & grabbed a few last minute grocery things. As we were just about ready to leave I had a thought, why not put up a flier here? It would be the move that would sell the truck (but we will get to all that later!). After doing this we no more than started when I got a call about the truck. We pulled off the side of the road & I took it, even though the highway traffic was very loud. It was a guy who was interested which was great, I told him that we would be in Kakadu for 2 days & he said he would look at it when we got back. It was exciting to know that quickly that people were interested in the 4WD. Anyway we got back on the road, by now it was dark. It was 2 lane though which was nice because we could make good time. After a while we down to our turn to head towards Jabiru, this was the one-third way mark of the trip. At this point we started looking for places where we could pull off & park. Before we found one of these it happened a kangaroo crossed right in front of us. I was on the breaks quickly but not quickly enough. With the quick brakes & a slight turn to the left it only hit the kangaroo guard on the driver (right) side. But we hit it still going very fast. It hit square on the biggest part of the kangaroo guard & still bent it back 3-4 inches, but not enough to do any damage to the truck lights or body, we got lucky. On whole trip I had been leery of driving at night, but finally did it enough where it happened. I would have probably too it square if I had not reacted, even though I had less than a second. Either way though like I said we were lucky to not have it much worse. Now we can added dented Kangaroo guard to the list of truck issues. At that point my thought would be that we were going to be lucky to make it back to Darwin & even luckier to get anything for the 4WD. Shortly after that we saw a road turned off the main road which is where we considered it good enough & called it a night. We had drove about 250 kilometers of the 700 we had left to make it back to Darwin, so that felt good. There was no light for anything & the truck's battery was too low to power the internal light so we just ate cereal for supper that night & went to sleep to get ready for the next day in Kakadu. All of these pictures are from Sayoko's camera.

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01 - Gecko Lodge
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02 - Gecko Lodge
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03 - View of Harbour
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04 - Brock
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Truck Sale
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