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Australia - 2005-06-15 - 3 - Kakadu National Park - Yurmikmik Walk (Sayoko)

The Yurmikmik walk was something that we decided to do last minute. After driving back from Gunlom we decided that the area was really nice there & that we wanted to do another walk. This was only about 25 minutes from Gunlom, going back towards the main Kakadu Highway road. The walk itself was just decent in some areas & really nice in others. The best part was spending time at the top of the mountain. The views there were great. There are so many mountains in that park of Kakadu you can look any direction to see them. This was also a nice walk because we saw no one else for the entire walk. When we got back to the truck we had a problem, it would not start. We tried pushing the truck back so that we could do a rolling start, but it did not work. It appears the battery was not going to keep the charge like we thought. So after trying some different things, Sayoko went out by the road to flag down someone. She was back in less than 5 minutes with someone, which was great because it could have taken a lot longer. They gave us the jump start we needed, the cables were going to be kept up front from that point, not putting them back in the boxes. We were on our way. We new at this point we were probably going to be dealing with this the rest of the trip. All of these pictures are from Sayoko's Camera.

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