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Australia - 2005-06-16 - 1 - Kakadu National Park - Mardugal Camp Ground Wallaby (Sayoko)

The night before we got as far as the Mardugal Camp ground & decided to spend the night there. It was an ok place, but really nothing special. We did have a lighted area & shower though, so it was more than where we stayed a lot of the times. We caked on the mosquito spray & got ready for their attack. We had also put on a ton of this the night before because Kakadu should be called Humid-Mosquito National Park. There are more mosquitos here than anywhere else I have ever been, easily. Either way I got stuff all unpacked while Sayoko prepared supper as normal. We had to do this in the dark because by the time we got there it was basically dark. I spent quite a bit time that night, as I would other nights, working on my computer trying to get pictures caught up. I had also started reading about Bali as it was my next travel destination. As a traveler you try to stay read up on at least one place ahead of you.

The next morning we got up & the park officer came around to collect the fee, since we had got in after the time the park was open. With here was a blind little wallaby pictured here. He was a cute little guy for sure. We caught breakfast & got the truck packed up for the last day of the traveling. All of these pictures are from Sayoko's camera.

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Page with Video - 01 - Blind Wallaby (Video)
01 - Blind Wallaby (Video)

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