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Australia - 2005-06-16 - 4 - Kakadu National Park - Jabiru - Bowali Visitor Center (Sayoko)

The stop at the Jabiru Visitor center was interesting. First off once you get to Jabiru you get cell phone reception again, which we had not had since getting outside of Darwin. I had 2 more calls about the truck which I returned. One was not there & actually never did call back. The second guy sounded very interested so I set it up to show him the truck the next morning. It was good to have someone to show the truck to & know that 3 people had shown interest. After that we talked to the Visitor Center & got the information which would have been nice before almost being done in the park. After that we walked around the visitor center which yielded the pictures you see below. We were killing time a little because we wanted to watch the movie about Kakadu that was showing on the hour. I think we caught the 1pm show, it was great. It showed Kakadu from helicopter & so many parts which we would not be getting to that day. For instance a big attraction is Jim Jim Falls & Twin Falls, but they are down a 4WD road which takes at least 2 hours each way, but probably longer. We just did not have time to go there & the truck was too undependable to trust even if we would have, we knew we needed to keep the main roads. The show was incredible, it showed so many great pictures, was like a helicopter ride along, we also saw incredible animals. One funny note is a cultural generalization I am going to make. Japanese people nap whenever possible, Sayoko is no exception. They fall asleep quickly as a rule when they stop moving. I think they are the busiest people you find & they have gotten used to taking advantage of any moment to catch up on some shut eye. Sayoko did sleep a little during this movie. Another interesting thing we saw during this show was the cave full of bats where frogs waited at the entrance. They would eat the bats as they came out, it was quite amazing. What I am still trying to figure out is if the bats were that small or the frogs were that large. It was so weird to see that for some reason, guess I just never thought of frogs being able to eat anything that big. After the show we went outside to have our truck once again not start. We talked to this nice tour operator who gave us a jump start. Nothing like needing a jump start at every stop to meet nice people. All of these pictures are from Sayoko's camera.

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