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Australia - 2005-06-16 - 6 - Kakadu National Park - Arnhem Highway - Leaving the Park (Sayoko)

Here are the pictures we had driving back to the main highway which we would take to Darwin. At this point we had did all of our stops & just had to make it back to Darwin. That would be tougher than it sounds. I made 2 mistakes. First was that we should have got more gas while Jabiru. We got some, what I though we needed to get back to Darwin where it was much cheaper. However, I under calculated a little, so it was going to be close to get back to where we needed. So when Sayoko wanted to stop to take a picture of the Kakadu National Park sign while leaving the park, we left the truck running (because it required a jump start) & we were hurrying. After we took pictures with our camera, we decided to fill the water bottles. When I did this I was in a hurry & committed mistake number 2. I set my camera on top of the truck to fill the water bottles, stop me if you can see where this is going. After filling the water bottles & door I did not grab my camera. We took off & my camera flew off the truck somewhere within 10k of the sign & when I realized what I had done. We did go back to look, but it was completely dark & would have went way off the road anyway. I reported it that night & did everything, but I had now was going to be buying camera number 3 for the trip. It was also frustrating because all my pictures were on there for Kakadu. I did buy a few postcards to have something. Also Sayoko let me use her pictures from the trip, which is why you see Sayoko at the beginning of all pictures from June 14 & forward in Australia. They were all taken with her camera & mostly by her (except last few days at hotel). So a big thanks goes out to her for the help & pictures. I had been burning CD's with pictures for her all the way along, so at least it was not a one-sided trade. It is worth nothing that we did make it to the highway & found a petrol station where it was close to the price needed in Darwin. We put plenty in just to be sure this time. We then went to the campground where we had planned to stay the first night in Darwin which was available this time. It was much nicer that n the detention camp one we had stayed at. All of these pictures are from Sayoko's camera.

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Page with Video - 01 - Driving (Video)
01 - Driving (Video)

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