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Australia - 2005-06-17 - Darwin - Frogshallow Backpackers - A Real Bed (Sayoko)

A lot of events transpired on this day. After sleeping at the campground in the truck we got up & started getting the truck ready for sale. However, first I called the man who wanted to meet about the truck & he said he wanted to meet at 10am. He told us where he wanted to meet which did not give us much time because we had to drive a little ways to where this was. We were able to do a little cleaning on the inside. Either way we found it ok & even got there a little early. It was by a parts store which was good because there were a lot of things we needed to get to fix up the truck for sale. We would not have time to do this before showing him, which was bad. Our plan was to buy a new battery, give the truck a full washing & cleaning inside, buy engine degreaser & wash the engine. The other things would be up to the new owner, it was just how much they would pay to have to fix them. I was not going to lie to anyone about the issues, it is not worth it. Integrity is something you need to have in this world. The guy who met us was a super nice guy, we got really lucky. He had seen the flier that we posted at the Coles in the suburbs just before we went to Kakadu. It was just luck that we stopped there & almost didn't even thing about putting up a flier there, again that luck word comes to mind. He was a local resident, not a backpacker, and was interested in using this as a truck to go camping only with his family. He was able to do all his own mechanic work & did not mind all the problems. He actually likes working on vehicles & wanted something older that he could tinker with. The truck started up right away (had that morning too for some reason). Everything ran nice. I explaining to him about the oil seal leak, transmission fluid cover, starting issue, needing a new battery, oil covered motor & everything else. He asked what we the least we would take, so I went for it I said $3700. I told him that price included us cleaning it all up outside & engine, using the degreaser we had just bought, but if he wanted it would be $100 less if he did the cleaning. Without really hesitating he said sold & he would clean things up himself, unless his wife had an issue with it. He did not even drive it! He could even get the cash that day! You know when you start to wonder if you are dreaming or things could possibly be that good? Yeah that was me right then, I thought back to a day before & all the issues, thought about only having really 2 days to sell the truck, backpackers trying to get cash around. I mean if it was not luck I do not know what it. The one thing I did know was that even with all the problems, the truck was still worth at least $4000 to $4500, he was getting a good deal. When Adrian & I bought it we had gotten a great deal. We knew it, but to confirm I watched all the way on the rest of the trip & never saw a vehicle that would have been better for under $4000. Either way he wanted us to drive to meet him later that day at 5pm, we had to get everything out of the truck by then that was ours. Right away we went to find a backpacker place to stay, which was difficult. We needed 2 nights in one hostel, but in the main park of the city could only get one night in 2 different places. We finally went to Frogshallow which was a little out of the way, but nice & we could get 2 nights (although we would have to switch rooms). Either way cleaned out everything from the truck. It took a while but we got all of the stuff we wanted to keep & threw away things they would not need. Plus we did clean the inside out some because we were just so happy to have the vehicle sold. It would make the time in Darwin so much nicer. We got all of this done & then went back to meet the buyers. The guy did look things over again & messed around a little with the engine. The funny thing is the power steering belt came off on the way to see them, so I showed him how to put it back on (he probably all ready knew this). They were a little late which worried me a little, but he seemed so honest, I could not have imagined him backing out. I can read people wrong sometimes, but this guy was an easy read. Either way we drove the vehicle back into town where they were to drop us off. It was a last check for him, him & his wife loved the way it drove. They were a really nice couple, we had a nice talk on the way into town. When we got there we signed all the documents & got a big envelope of green (Aussie $100) bills. I was so happy, as was Sayoko, like we both said all night, we were so lucky :) Lost in all this is that this would be our first night in a bed & our first room since Perth, what a big treat! The night was a busy one trying to get thing sorted, I really had more things that I had room. That night & the next day was spent doing city things like e-mail, washing, doing things for my business & trying to use all the groceries we had. Sayoko also helped by letting me use her account to transfer the money from the truck to my American account, so that I did not have to pay a huge fee. It took quite a bit of work, but it saved hundreds of dollars! We wanted to have everything done before we went to the luxurious Sky City room to spend our last night together. All of these pictures are from Sayoko's camera.

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