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Australia - 2005-06-19 - Darwin - Sky City Hotel - Room, View, Casino & Beach (Sayoko) (Page 2)

After staying in the outback sleeping & free camping for about 2/3's of the trip Sayoko wanted to stay in a luxurious room. She said since I had did everything with the truck & taken care of so many other things she would pay for the room. I thought the idea sounded really nice as well. What we ended up going with was was "Darwin's Only Beach Front Hotel" (on Mindil Beach) & was the nicest room the Sky City Hotel offers. Our 1 Bedroom Spa Suite, the most expensive the hotel has. The amenities included a king size bed, 2 TV's, a living room, 2 bathrooms, & an in-room hot tub. The room cost $250 which was expensive; however, the suite's cost in Japan would have been at least 4 times more & twice as much in the US if not more. The first panoramic picture shows the view of the hotel from the air & Mindil Beach, which I got from there web site.

The day before we had stayed at Frogshallow & had worked on getting all of our items sorted, because we had gained a lot from the truck. Before buying the 4WD, I had one big & one small bag & a food bag. Now I had one big bag & 3 smalls bags, plus a food bag. I think it is human nature to expand whenever you get the opportunity. Although part of it was that we bought thinks for the truck & for food that was needed so that makes a little difference. We also cooked the food we had left so that we could eat it over the next few days because we knew this would not be an option at the fancy hotel. We also did our Internet & everything else that we needed to do in the city, as our hotel was away from that part of town. We also got a shuttle reserved to give us a ride to the hotel.

The next morning after catching the cheap shuttle we got there. When we got out with all of our backpacks & food, I can just imagine what the hotel staff was thinking (are they at the right place?). However the staff was great at all times to us, they never did treat us like we shouldn't be there even though they couldn't help look at us twice a few times. At reception they could not find out reservation which made us worry a little. Luckily they did find it & we were even able to check in a little early. After getting to our room we got our luggage put into place & we relaxed & looked around the room. While looking around the room we saw a book with the activities on it we could do. One was tennis, which was free. So we got the rackets from the hotel & went to the private courts where we played. Sayoko had not played much before. She did learn a little the night we were in Monkey Mia. From when she started until when we got done on this day she got a lot better. We had fun playing for a while, but it was really hot & humid (I guess it is what you get used to because the concierge said "nice cool day isn't it"). After that we came back to get showers before exploring the hotel, casino & beach. It was a beautiful area & so nicely done. We did a little gambling at the casino, but not very much because we are backpackers :) After the casino we got changed & did some swimming in the beautiful pool they had. You could see the beach from it & it was nice & big. I practiced my diving on the deep end & Sayoko practiced her swimming stroke. We were there quite a while. After that we got dressed up in our nicest clothes & went to the restaurant downstairs which was very elegant & the food was good as well. We just relaxed the rest of the night & even watched a little TV, which was something we had not done for the entire trip.

Pictures 10 & 11 show the courtyard inside the the square of hotel rooms. The rest of the pictures are of the room & the view from our balcony (too bad it was of the parking lot & not the ocean). One the second page the first 7 pictures show more of the room & the size of the bed. The next 3 pictures are of the courtyard at night & the lighting scheme they used. The next 6 pictures of the second page show the reception & drop off areas for the hotel. The picture of myself & the car was taken in the casino which is next door to the hotel. It was a nice casino, but we did not do much gambling, since we are backpackers. The last 4 pictures are from the beach where we went in the afternoon. All of these pictures are from Sayoko's camera.

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