Australia Pictures (From 2004-12-24 to 2005-06-23)

Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Descriptions
June 20 thru 23 My last 3 days in Australia and why you should go there (No pictures)
2005-06-20 Sayoko's Pictures - Darwin - Our last day on the trip at Sky City Hotel - Pool Area, the Ocean, a beautiful Sunset, Lizard and Good-byes
**3 PAGES and 1 VIDEO**
2005-06-19 Sayoko's Pictures - Darwin - Living the Luxurious Life at our Spa Suite in Sky City Hotel, on the beach - The Room, View, Casino and Beach
**2 PAGES and Panoramic View**
2005-06-17 Sayoko's Pictures - Darwin - Frogshallow Backpackers - Day's Story, Truck Sale and Real Bed
2005-06-16 Sayoko's Pictures - Arnhem Highway Kakadu National Park - Leaving Park and My Camera, yep that is the second camera AU got
**1 VIDEO**
2005-06-16 Sayoko's Pictures - Kakadu National Park - Ubirr and Opinion Kakadu/Rock Art - Ubirr was best Kakadu stop and had the best pictures
**4 PAGES and 1 VIDEO**
2005-06-16 Sayoko's Pictures - Kakadu National Park - Jabiru - Bowali Visitor Center - A great Kakadu show, frogs, Japanese naps and more truck issues
2005-06-16 Sayoko's Pictures - Kakadu National Park - Nourlangie - One of the big 2 rock art sites in Humid-Mosquito NP, amazing rock colors, ok art.
**2 PAGES**
2005-06-16 Sayoko's Pictures - Kakadu National Park - Mardugal Billabong
2005-06-16 Sayoko's Pictures - Kakadu National Park - Mardugal Camp Ground Wallaby and the night before at Humid-Mosquito National Park
**1 VIDEO**
2005-06-15 Sayoko's Pictures - Kakadu National Park - Maguk Walk and My First Rolling Start, a nice walk with scary crocodile signs, but none seen
2005-06-15 Sayoko's Pictures - Kakadu National Park - Yurmikmik Walk surrounding mountain views. The point where we realized truck issues were becoming serious and getting lucky due to be able to get truck started.
2005-06-15 Sayoko's Pictures - Kakadu National Park - Gunlom (Waterfall Creek) great views a nice way to start of Kakadu, also had truck issues
**2 PAGES and 2 VIDEOS**
2005-06-15 Sayoko's Pictures - Kakadu National Park - Kakadu Highway Drive
2005-06-14 Sayoko's Pictures - Darwin - Gecko Lodge, Esplanade, Truck Selling and Hitting a Kangaroo, this story explains the next several days
2005-06-13 Litchfield National Park - Wangi Falls, Spiders and Birds, plus the story of trying to find a place to see and being treated like kids
**1 VIDEO**
2005-06-13 Litchfield National Park - Sandy Creek Falls and Water Stopping Us
2005-06-13 Litchfield National Park - Huge Termite Mounds
2005-06-13 Litchfield National Park - Tolmer Falls and Great Park View
2005-06-13 Litchfield National Park - Buley Rock Holes and Lots of People
2005-06-13 Litchfield National Park - The Spectacular Florence Falls and Walk
**2 PAGES**
2005-06-13 Litchfield National Park - Magnetic Termite Mounds, plus the story of the mosquitos, night before and getting into trouble with park officials
2005-06-12 Umbrawarra Gorge Nature Park - Rocks, Walks and Swimming
**3 PAGES**
2005-06-11 Gregory National Park - Kuwang Lookout, Drive Views and Sunset
2005-06-11 Victoria Highway - Bridge and River Along the Way
2005-06-11 Keep River National Park Area - Beautiful Highway Pics, the story of the night before, finding a new tire and tearing off the Yellow Sticker in NT!
2005-06-10 The Kimberly - Last Part and Reaching the Great Northern Highway, Plus a list of truck issues, people who see the Kimberly and 4 Rough Days
2005-06-10 The Kimberly - El Questro Wilderness Park - Town and Driving Out
**1 VIDEO**
2005-06-10 The Kimberly - El Questro Wilderness Park - Around Branco's Lookout and exploring the area not on the map
2005-06-10 The Kimberly - El Questro Wilderness Park - Chamberlain Gorge
2005-06-10 The Kimberly - El Questro Wilderness Park - El Questro Gorge. This is the park's namesake for a reason, it is best gorge in the park.
**3 PAGES**
2005-06-10 The Kimberly - El Questro Wilderness Park - Jackaroo's Waterhole
2005-06-10 The Kimberly - El Questro Wilderness Park - Zebedee Springs, relaxing thermal pools and teaching Sayoko how to catch tadpoles.
2005-06-10 The Kimberly - El Questro Drive and Sayoko and El Questro Ice Story, which is too funny to miss. Plus finding an oasis in the Kimberly.
2005-06-10 The Kimberly - Pentecost River Crossing, simply incredible. It was such a long way across it, amazing. Plus, I share my river crossing strategy.
**2 VIDEOS**
2005-06-10 The Kimberly - Home Valley Lookout
**2 VIDEOS**
2005-06-09 The Kimberly - Blown Tire #2 and How we had to deal with it
2005-06-09 The Kimberly - Rest Stop River and Views from the Road, plus talking about roughing it in the Kimberly and where the tourists are at
2005-06-09 The Kimberly - Barnett River Gorge, a unique and tough walk with many different climates, nice Aussies, views and going swimming
**3 PAGES and 2 VIDEOS**
2005-06-09 The Kimberly - Galvan Gorge and Explosions, plus getting petrol costs
2005-06-08 The Kimberly - Drive to Galvan Gorge, Planning where to stay the night, crossing rivers, planning the trip and looking back on the day.
**5 VIDEOS**
2005-06-08 The Kimberly - Bell Gorge, The Most beautiful gorge in the Kimberly
**4 PAGES**
2005-06-08 The Kimberly - King Leopold Ranges Conservation Park and Lookout - Not your normal driving pictures and great panoramic shots looking back
**2 Panoramic Views and 5 VIDEOS**
2005-06-08 The Kimberly - Lennard River Gorge - Both Sayoko and my favorite place in the entire Kimberly, which says a lot. Story of the night before, seeing starts, people acting stupidly and our private gorge, a great place!
**3 PAGES and 1 VIDEO**
2005-06-07 The Kimberly - Inglis Gap Lookout, Looking back on the day
**Panoramic View and 1 VIDEO**
2005-06-07 The Kimberly - Drive to Lennard River Gorge, Back to "Main" Road
2005-06-07 The Kimberly - Windjana Gorge and Lots of Crocodiles, Birds too
**2 PAGES**
2005-06-07 The Kimberly - Tunnel Creek National Park, Big Lizards, Limestone Cliffs, Kangaroos, Walking in water and Sayoko's broken sandal
2005-06-07 The Kimberly - Drive to Tunnel Creek National Park, Dips and Holes
2005-06-07 The Kimberly - Lillimooloora Station (where we stayed night before)
2005-06-06 The Kimberly - Road and Sunset - First Pics of the Gibb River Road
2005-06-06 Derby - Boab Prison Tree and Myall's Bore pictures, getting pulled over by the police 2 TIMES, the yellow sticker, truck trouble, police harassment and how to dodge a speeding ticket from Australian authorities
2005-06-05 Broome - Cable Beach, stunningly beautiful pictures, plus the story of the night before, including all the truck troubles, random Australian holidays and trying to find a mechanic, plus the morning's activities, quite the read
2005-06-04 Sandfire - Peacocks at Roadhouse
2005-06-04 Great Northern Highway - Driving Port Headland to Broome - 600k
2005-06-04 Port Headland - Motorcycle Rider, The Jackaroo and Us
2005-06-03 Port Headland - Mexican Supper with Sayoko
2005-06-03 North West Coastal Highway - Driving to Port Headland - 700K
2005-06-02 Carnarvon - Computerized Toilet - The future?
2005-06-02 North West Coastal Highway - Lookout, plus planning the rest of the trip, figuring out where we would go and when
2005-06-02 Shark Bay Marine Park - Monkey Mia Pelicans and Dolphins - How things worked, what we learned and the rest of the morning
**2 PAGES and 6 VIDEOS**
2005-06-02 Shark Bay Marine Park - Monkey Mia Sunrise - Exquisite pics
**2 VIDEOS**
2005-06-01 Francios Peron National Park - Bandicoot Signs and Peron Homestead Artesian Bore, meeting people and having things stolen
2005-06-01 Denham - Little Lagoon, a relaxed little stop with a view
**1 VIDEO**
2005-06-01 Shark Bay Marine Park - Eagle Bluff, views of the sea below
2005-06-01 Shark Bay Marine Park - Goulet Bluff
2005-06-01 Shark Bay Marine Park - Shell Beach - "Sea shells, sea shells by..."covering entire beach, shell drawings and happy 60 b-day wish for dad
2005-06-01 Hamelin Pool Marine Park - World's Best Known Stromatolites, over 1900 million years old and what evolved into more complex life
2005-06-01 Kalbarri National Park - Hawks Head Lookout where we free camped and the story of the night before, plus the morning sun and clouds
2005-05-31 Kalbarri National Park - Hawks Head Lookout, river views
2005-05-31 Kalbarri National Park - Ross Graham Lookout and Murchison River
2005-05-31 Kalbarri National Park - Z Bend and truck troubles
2005-05-31 Kalbarri National Park - Nature's Window and Walk, best walk in Kalbarri, plus great views and wallabies in the distance.
**2 PAGES**
2005-05-31 Kalbarri National Park - The Loop Lookout
2005-05-31 Kalbarri National Park - Red Bluff, the best colors of Kalbarri
2005-05-31 Kalbarri National Park - Pot Alley Gorge
2005-05-31 Kalbarri National Park - Eagle Gorge, color changes to orange/red
2005-05-31 Kalbarri National Park - Castle Cove - Oceans, Waves, Rocks
2005-05-31 Kalbarri National Park - Natural Bridge - Oceans, Waves, Rocks
2005-05-31 Kalbarri National Park - Camp Ground Rottweiler and Truck Troubles
2005-05-30 Hutt River Province Principality - Leaving Australia, Meeting the Prince, Seeing the Kingdom, Declaring war on Australia, very interesting story.
2005-05-29 Geraldton - Western Australia Museum and why is everything always closed in Australia and obnoxious campers.
2005-05-29 Geraldton - Picnic at Town Beach and the weather we had
2005-05-29 Jurien Bay - Road Lookout plus no expectations = good results
**1 VIDEO**
2005-05-28 Nambung National Park - Kangaroo Beach Sunset and Japanese Pizza
2005-05-28 Nambung National Park - Pinnacles, rocks popping up out of the group, worth a look for sure, even tried some black and white photos
**2 PAGES and Panoramic View**
2005-05-28 York - Drive Around Town, an old time English town feel and look
2005-05-27 Bruce Rock - Kokerbin, why does every rock need to have a name?
**Panoramic View and 1 VIDEO**
2005-05-27 Hyden - The Humps, driving pictures and a lake
2005-05-27 Hyden - Breakers, a good walk but not much to see at the end
2005-05-27 Hyden - Hippos Yawn - Rock formations
2005-05-27 Hyden - Wave Rock, it sure lives up to its name, bigger than I thought
2005-05-27 Lake Grace - The Lake, a view from the road
2005-05-26 Stirling Ranges - Lily Dutch Windmill and Sunset and a cold night's sleep
2005-05-26 Stirling Ranges National Park - Bluff Knoll - My favorite walk of the southern half of Western Australia, MUST SEE views, especially page 4
**5 PAGES and 2 Panoramic Views and 3 VIDEOS**
2005-05-26 Stirling Ranges National Park - Mt Gog Lookout and Park Drive, where we ate lunch, views of most of the beautiful park
**2 Panoramic Views and 1 VIDEO**
2005-05-26 Stirling Ranges National Park - Park Drive and Lookout, plus sometimes you just have to guess which way is the best to go.
**Panoramic View and 1 VIDEO**
2005-05-25 Porongurup National Park - Devil's Slide - Sayoko's first hiking experience provided great walking and views to exceed expectations
**3 PAGES and 4 Panoramic Views and 2 VIDEOS**
2005-05-25 Porongurup National Park - Scenic Drive in Park
2005-05-24 Albany - Middleton Beach Lookout, Star Wars 3 and night's story
2005-05-24 Albany - Mt. Clarence and Anzac Memorial
2005-05-24 Torndirrup National Park - The Blowholes, water + rocks = sounds
2005-05-24 Torndirrup National Park - The Gap and Natural Bridge were the reason we went to the park, probably the best stop of the southwest coast.
**3 PAGES and 1 VIDEO**
2005-05-24 William Bay National Park - Madfish Bay
2005-05-24 William Bay National Park - Green Pools, which are actually blue
2005-05-24 William Bay National Park - Elephant Rocks
2005-05-23 Valley of the Giants - Rainbow
2005-05-23 Valley of the Giants - Tree Top Walk - Probably the most famous tourist attraction in southwest Australia, gets you a unique forest look
**2 PAGES**
2005-05-23 Walpole-Nornalup National Park - Giant Tingle Tree and Walk
2005-05-23 Walpole-Nornalup National Park - Lookout
2005-05-23 Fernhook Falls - Waterfalls definetely worth a look
**2 VIDEOS**
2005-05-23 Shannon National Park - New Friends and Boorara Tree, another of the fire spotting Karri trees
2005-05-22 Shannon National Park - Lane-Poole Falls, which are beautiful falls and a nature walk through the forest
2005-05-22 Gloucester National Park - The Cascades
2005-05-22 Warren National Park - Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree
2005-05-22 Warren National Park - Karri Forest Tree Drive
2005-05-22 Beedelup National Park - Beedelup Falls and Suspension Bridge
**1 VIDEO**
2005-05-22 Pemberton - Big Brook Dam
2005-05-21 Hamelin Bay - Beach Pictures
2005-05-21 Cape Leeuwin - Drive Along the Cape and Beach Stops
**1 VIDEO**
2005-05-21 Cape Leeuwin - Old Waterwheel
2005-05-21 Cape Leeuwin - Lighthouse and Oceans Meeting, where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet, plus beautiful views
2005-05-20 Yallingup - Ngilgi Cave. Sayoko's first cave and crawl through area, plus the story of the rest of the day in Margaret River including the tourist traps that are the Candy Cow and Margaret River Chocolate Factory
**2 PAGES**
2005-05-20 Dunsborough - Meelup Beach and Lookout, plus Ocean 1 - Sayoko 0
2005-05-20 Dunsborough - Eagle Beach, like the Bay of Fires is Tasmania
2005-05-20 Dunsborough - Bunker Bay Beach and Meso Soup with Seaweed
2005-05-19 Dunsborough - Cape Naturaliste Walk and Beach. Views, plants, snakes, the beach and interesting rock formations.
**2 PAGES**
2005-05-19 Dunsborough - Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse Track
2005-05-19 Dunsborough - Cape Naturaliste Whale Lookout (Ocean Views)
**1 VIDEO**
2005-05-19 Busselton - 2 km Jetty Walk
2005-05-18 Bunbury - Dolphin Discovery Center and Tourism Advice
2005-05-18 Yalgorup National Park - Park Drive Pictures and the Beach
2005-05-17 Penguin Island - Island Walk, Lookouts and Wildlife including seals, sea gulls, lizards and eggs. Also seeing an old friend from the trip.
**2 PAGES**
2005-05-17 Penguin Island - The Penguin Experience, they are such cute little creatures and the short story from May 14 to May 17.
** 4 VIDEOS**
2005-05-14 Rottnest Island - Island Ferry Ride and Bicycle Tour. Amazing pictures, my personal most viewed from the trip. Picture 69 on the third page is the image I use for my desktop background.
**6 PAGES**
2005-05-13 Perth - Site Seeing with Sayoko and Kings Park and Botanic Garden
May 10 thru 13 The story of Perth that was not captured in pictures (No pictures)
Didn't get my new camera until May 13, so I wanted to give a little update of what we did in Perth up to that time.
2005-05-10 Australia - Adrian's Pictures From 4WD Trip
**2 PAGES**
2005-05-05 2005-04-05 through 2005-05-05 - AU - My Underwater Pictures from the 4WD trip. An assorted group of pictures from the trip in Australia with Adrian. Some are from after my digital camera stopped working.
May 1 thru 9 The story of the 8 days before getting to Perth (No pictures)
My camera stopped working May 1, but there are a few pictures above of this from that time. There was a lot we did during this time and I wanted to at least explain it since I usually put this in the pictures.
2005-05-01 Karijini National Park - Handrail Pool Walk and Hancock Gorge. The tragic final resting place of my camera and cell phone. Stunning walk though.
**2 PAGES**
2005-05-01 Karijini National Park - Oxer and Junction Pool Lookouts, these provided the overview that we would see on the next walk.
2005-05-01 Karijini National Park - Joffre Falls Lookout, minus the water.
2005-05-01 Karijini National Park - Knox Gorge Walk, tough but worth it.
**2 PAGES**
2005-05-01 Karijini National Park - Knox Lookout
2005-05-01 Karijini National Park - Sunrise at Kalimina Gorge. Free camping??
2005-04-30 Karijini National Park - Kalimina Gorge and Waterfalls. Plus where we stayed the night and rock layering.
**2 PAGES**
2005-04-30 Karijini National Park - Callitris Gorge Top Walk
2005-04-30 Karijini National Park - Fortescue Falls Walk, very beautiful falls and walk, plus our quest to find a swimming spot is successful.
**3 PAGES**
2005-04-30 Karijini National Park - Circular Pools Walk - Yes. Swimming???
2005-04-30 Karijini National Park - Driving in the Park
2005-04-30 Karijini National Park - Munjina Gorge Lookout
**Panoramic View**
2005-04-30 Karijini National Park - Drive from Port Headland. Plus the story of the campground search the night before and our extra driving issues.
2005-04-29 Broome - Cable Beach and Driving Sunset
2005-04-28 Highway 1 - Blown Tire and Tire Changing Story
2005-04-27 Geikie Gorge National Park - River and Limestone Rock Walk
2005-04-27 Western Australia - Drive to Fitzroy Crossing and Ant Hills
2005-04-27 Mirima National Park - Demboong Banan Gap Trail
2005-04-27 Mirima National Park - Derdbe-Gerring Banan Walking Trail, plus the story of the night before and another new Aussie word
**2 PAGES and Panoramic View**
2005-04-26 Western Australia - Welcome Sign and Sunset, plus time zones in AU
2005-04-26 Keep River National Park - Views of the Park from Road
2005-04-26 Gregory National Park - Drive through Park on Highway
2005-04-26 Victoria River - Victoria River Crossing and Mom's Birthday
2005-04-26 Nitmiluk National Park - Leliyn Loop Walk to Edith Falls, including the story of the night before and sweet rock jumping pictures and the story.
**2 PAGES**
2005-04-25 Nitmiluk National Park - Barrawei Walk Lookout Loop for Katherine Gorge, some great views of the gorge and park
**2 PAGES and Panoramic View and 1 VIDEO**
2005-04-25 Elsey National Park - Bitter Springs and Learning how to Dive
2005-04-25 Elsey National Park - Mataranka Thermal Pool, including a new Aussie word "freshies", and an eye opening event.
2005-04-25 Daly Waters - Historic Pub - NT's Oldest
2005-04-24 Devils Marbles and the story of the day
2005-04-23 Alice Springs - Anzac Hill Lookout and Basketball
2005-04-23 East MacDonnell National Park - Jessie Gap
2005-04-23 East MacDonnell National Park - Emily Gap
2005-04-23 West MacDonnell National Park - Simpsons Gap
2005-04-21 West MacDonnell National Park - Drive to Alice Springs, plus the story of the night and the next day (which both have no pictures).
2005-04-21 West MacDonnell National Park - Ormiston Gorge Pound Walk - Must see pictures from the Red Center's best walk and rock jumping.
**4 PAGES**
2005-04-21 West MacDonnell National Park - Glen Helen Gorge
2005-04-21 West MacDonnell National Park - Mt Sonder Lookout, plus new Aussie words and the story of our dirty truck.
**2 Panoramic Views**
2005-04-21 West MacDonnell National Park - Redbank Gorge Walk and Swim - Story of the night before and pictures from exploring the gorge.
**2 PAGES**
2005-04-20 West MacDonnell National Park - Tylers Pass Lookout and Drive in Park - Beautiful lookout with 360 views of the colorful countryside.
2005-04-20 Larapinta Loop - Lookout, Drive and Roads - Driving story and views
2005-04-20 Watarrka National Park - Kings Canyon Walk - The second best walk of the Red Center (in my mind) and perhaps the best pictures. My camera had steam coming out of it after this walk from all the pictures ;)
**7 PAGES and 1 VIDEO**
2005-04-19 Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park - Ayers Rock (Uluru) Sunset, plus what we did that day and that night.
**1 VIDEO**
2005-04-19 Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park - Ayers Rock (Uluru) Climb - Information from the night before. Also my take on the most frightening walk I have done on the trip, plus great pictures :)
**5 PAGES**
2005-04-18 Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park - The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) - Sunset
2005-04-18 Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park - The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) - Walpa Gorge Walk - Not quite as good as Valley of the Winds but still nice
**2 PAGES**
2005-04-18 Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park - The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) - Valley of the Winds Walk - In the top 10 of walks I have done in Australia :)
**5 PAGES and Panoramic View and 1 VIDEO**
2005-04-18 Mt Conner - Lookout, orange sand and flies.
2005-04-18 Mygoora Lake - First Salt Lake, Swimming and First Wild Camel
2005-04-18 Kulgera - Sunrise
2005-04-17 Outback - Road Pictures and Sunset
2005-04-17 Coober Pedy - City and Buildings
2005-04-16 Australia's Outback - Extreme Camping, Sunset and Sunrise - fun pictures
2005-04-16 South Australia - Pictures from the Road to Coober Pedy
**2 PAGES**
2005-04-16 Blinman - Blinman Mine Trail
2005-04-15 Flinders Ranges National Park - Sunset Drive
**2 PAGES**
2005-04-15 Flinders Ranges National Park - Stokes Hill Lookout, which is one of the top 5 lookouts I have ever been to, check it out.
**Panoramic View and 2 VIDEOS**
2005-04-15 Flinders Ranges National Park - Mt Ohlssen Bagge Hike. One of the best walks I have done because it was tough and picturesque.
**3 PAGES and 2 Panoramic Views and 1 VIDEO**
2005-04-15 Flinders Ranges National Park - Wilpena Solar Power Plant, plus I express some opinions of the power situation back home in the US.
2005-04-15 Flinders Ranges National Park - Arkaroo Rock and Surrounding Area
**Panoramic View**
2005-04-15 South Australia - Drive to Flinders Ranges
**Panoramic View and 1 VIDEO**
2005-04-15 Hawker - Jervis Hill Lookout is a beautiful short walk, due to the rocks and view. Also on this page is the story of the morning.
**2 PAGES and 1 VIDEO**
2005-04-14 South Australia - Drive to Flinders Ranges
**Panoramic View**
2005-04-14 Adelaide and Dublin - Church, Breakfast Spot and story of night before.
2005-04-13 South Australia - Road Pictures and Kangaroo Skeleton


Bamera - Pelican
2005-04-12 Bamera - Lake Bonney, Pelicans, Great Sunset and story of the night.
2005-04-12 Berri - Totems and Mural on Local Bridge
2005-04-12 South Australia - Entry to State and Big Orange
2005-04-12 Wentworth - Lock 10 and Weir
2005-04-12 Wentworth - Perry Sandhills. Orange Sand and story of the morning.
2005-04-11 Victoria - Pictures from the Drive and Sunset, plus the story of the day.
2005-04-10 Grampians National Park - Elephants Hide Rocks
2005-04-10 Grampians National Park - Dam and Kangaroos
2005-04-10 Grampians National Park - MacKenzie Falls - One of the best falls I have been to in Australia, so much water and different falling areas.
2005-04-10 Grampians National Park - Balconies Lookout - Some great pictures even though it was a very overcast day. Some really fun pictures.
2005-04-10 Grampians National Park - Reed Lookout
**Panoramic View and 1 VIDEO**
2005-04-10 Grampians National Park - Boroka Lookout (Spectacular Lookout)
**2 Panoramic Views and 1 VIDEO**
2005-04-10 Grampians National Park - Silverband Waterfalls
2005-04-10 Grampians National Park - Mt. Sturgeon Summit Walk - One of my favorite walks and some great pictures
**2 PAGES and 3 Panoramic Views**
2005-04-09 Grampians National Park - Road Shots and Road Lookouts
2005-04-09 Mount Napier Lookout - Views of Mountain from Lookout
2005-04-09 Mount Eccles National Park - Crater Rim Walk and Park. Caves, Green Lakes, Volcanic Areas and Great Views
**1 VIDEO**
2005-04-09 Tower Hill State Game Reserve - Impressive views of the Park
**Panoramic View**
2005-04-09 Tower Hill State Game Reserve - Wild Emus
2005-04-09 Warrnambool - Birds by Camp Site and story of the night before
2005-04-08 Great Ocean Road - Bay of Martyrs, more rocks in Water :)
2005-04-08 Great Ocean Road - London Bridge (Rock formation on the GOR)
2005-04-08 Great Ocean Road - The Arch and Echnida (Looks like a porcupine)
2005-04-08 Port Campbell National Park - Twelve Apostles - Chillin out at the marquee attraction of the Great Ocean Road
**2 PAGES and 2 VIDEOS**
2005-04-08 Port Campbell National Park - Loch Ard Gorge Sherbrooke Trail - The Blowhole, Thunder Cave and the Sherbrooke River, plus the Ocean.
**2 PAGES**
2005-04-08 Port Campbell National Park - Loch Ard Gorge Walks and Lookouts. Very Cool pictures of rock, sand, caves, cliffs and water.
**2 PAGES**
2005-04-08 Port Campbell National Park - Gibson Steps - Back to the Ocean Part of the Great Ocean Road and the first view of the 12 Apostles
**2 PAGES and 1 VIDEO**
2005-04-08 Otway National Park - Road Lookout
2005-04-07 Otway National Park - My first Wild Fox
2005-04-07 Otway National Park - Otway Fly Tree Top Walk
**2 PAGES**
2005-04-07 Otway National Park - Castle Cove
2005-04-07 Otway National Park - Point Franklin, Lunch and 4WD Tracks
2005-04-07 Otway National Park - First Wild Koalas including a moving koala!
**1 VIDEO**
2005-04-07 Otway National Park - Road Lookout
**Panoramic View**
2005-04-07 Apollo Bay - Mariner's Lookout, Goats and Manual Driving
2005-04-07 Great Ocean Road - Trip Pictures
2005-04-06 Great Ocean Road - Pictures Along the Way and Welcoming Sign
2005-04-06 Airley's Inlet - Split Point Lighthouse and Eagle Rock
2005-04-06 Bawron Heads - The Bluff Marine Reserve Area
2005-04-05 Queenscliff - Sunset and Campers Supper
2005-04-05 Queenscliff - Swimming with the Dolphins and Seals, and the story of the day. Must see pictures!
2005-04-05 Geelong - Driving Through Pictures and writing about night before
2005-04-04 You Yangs Regional Park - Flinders Peak
**Panoramic View**
2005-04-04 You Yangs Regional Park - Big Rock and Park Information
**Panoramic View**
2005-04-04 Melbourne - West Gate Bridge
2005-04-04 Dandenong Ranges National Park - Five Ways Corner Lookout
2005-04-04 Dandenong Ranges National Park - Olinda Falls and the story of our first nights stay.
2005-04-03 Kinglake National Park - Mason Falls
2005-04-03 Australia - Truck Pictures (The Jumpin Jackaroo) and First Roos on Road Trip - I bought a truck with a friend on the trip, story about it on this page.
2005-04-02 Melbourne - Last Night There Party
2005-04-01 Melbourne - Night Out - Pub Crawl
2005-03-31 Melbourne - City Sight Seeing - Arts, City Views and Prison Bars
2005-03-26 Hobart - Watermans Dock and Fountain. Also includes the trip summary and results, plus a recommendation for time to spend in Tas.
2005-03-26 Port Arthur - Convict Community
2005-03-25 Tasman Peninsula - Bird, Sunset and Remarkable Cave
2005-03-25 Sandspit Forest Reserve - Wood Bridges
2005-03-25 Tasmania - Mole Creek Area, Spiky Bridge and Maria Island
2005-03-25 Devils Gullet - Spectacular views of rocks, trees, and mountains, plus the story of the trip there which was anything but routine.
**2 PAGES and Panoramic Views (4) and 1 VIDEO**
2005-03-24 Deloraine - Drive to Deloraine and Rainbow
2005-03-24 Freycinet National Park - Wineglass Bay and Nature - Must see pictures - Page 3 has best view (panoramic) and wallabies, plus Adrian and I.
**3 PAGES and Panoramic View and 3 VIDEOS**
2005-03-23 St Helens - Peron Sand Dunes - Not the best sand dunes ever but ok
2005-03-23 Bay of Fires - Colored Rocks and Water - Very cool pictures and locale
**2 PAGES**
2005-03-23 St. Columba Falls Reserve - Approx. 10 small waterfalls in one place making a rather impressive overall display.
**1 VIDEO**
2005-03-23 Tasmania - Scenery from Drive and worthless commentary from me :)
2005-03-23 Cradle Mountain National Park - Mountains and Wallabies
**Panoramic View**
2005-03-22 Waratah - Falls, City and Possum
2005-03-22 Rocky Cape National Park - Ocean, Colored Rocks, Lighthouse and Cave
**2 PAGES and Panoramic View**
2005-03-22 Tasmania - Dip Falls and Big Tree Forest Reserve
2005-03-22 Smithton - Tier Hill Lookout and Cape Grim (World's Cleanest Air)
**Panoramic View**
2005-03-22 Stanley - The Nut (Tasmania's Ayers Rock)
**2 PAGES**
2005-03-21 Boat Harbour - Beach, Colored Rocks, Water and Sunset
**2 PAGES**
2005-03-21 Wynnard - Table Cape Lookout and Lighthouse - Great Views of Sea
**Panoramic View**
2005-03-21 Turner's Beach - Beach Pictures
2005-03-21 Ulverstone - Braddon's Lookout
**Panoramic View**
2005-03-21 Sheffield - Alpaca, Murals and Mountains
2005-03-21 Ross - Bridge and Church
2005-03-21 Richmond - Historic Bridge and Gaol
2005-03-20 Bruny Island - Quiet Corner and The Neck Game Reserve
2005-03-20 Bruny Island - Whalebone Point, Mount Mangana and Adventure Bay
2005-03-20 Bruny Island - Jetty Beach and Cape Bruny Lighthouse - Best Scenery from the Bruny Island trip.
**Panoramic Views (2)**
2005-03-20 Bruny Island - Mabel Bay Lookout and Lighthouse Road - Best Lookout of the Bruny Island Trip.
**Panoramic Views (2)**
2005-03-20 Bruny Island - Isthmus Bay, Simpsons Bay and Alonnah
2005-03-20 Bruny Island - Barnes Bay, Dennes Point and North
2005-03-20 Bruny Island - Ferry Ride
2005-03-19 Dunalley - Denison Canal and Tasman Monument
2005-03-19 Tasman Peninsula - Blowhole and Fossil Bay Lookout
**1 VIDEO**
2005-03-19 Tasman Peninsula - Devils Kitchen
2005-03-19 Tasman Peninsula - Tasmans Arch
2005-03-19 Tasman Peninsula - Tessellated Pavement - Rocks that look like pavement and the surrounding bay.
**Panoramic View**
2005-03-19 Tasman Peninsula - Scenic Stops on Drive
**Panoramic View**
2005-03-19 Hobart - Saturday Salamanca Place Market
2005-03-18 Tasmania - Great Western Tiers, The Great Lake and Plains
**Panoramic View**
2005-03-18 Mole Creek Karst National Park - Marakoopa Caves

Tasmania - Drive from Cradle Mountain to Mole Creek
**Panoramic Views (2)**

2005-03-17 Cradle Mountain National Park - Spectacular Nature - One of my TOP 5 National Parks. Wallabies, Wombats, and great Scenery.
**6 PAGES and Panoramic Views (5) and 1 VIDEO**
2005-03-17 Tasmania - Drive to Cradle Mountain
**Panoramic View**
2005-03-17 Queenstown - West Coast Wilderness Railway
2005-03-17 Queenstown - Empire Hotel and City - Our stay after first road day.
2005-03-16 Tarraleah - Power Scheme and Views
2005-03-16 Mt. Field National Park - Nature Walk, Trees, Plants and Waterfalls
**1 VIDEO**
2005-03-16 Tasmania - Drive from Hobart to Queenstown
2005-03-14 Melbourne - My Last Night in Town
2005-03-13 Phillip Island - Penguin Parade - Only one picture for this,...seriously.
2005-03-12 Melbourne - Australian Rules Football Game, pre-season tournament finale. Carillon vs. West Coast and pictures from the night out.
**1 VIDEO**
2005-03-11 Melbourne - Kaz's Last Night
2005-03-11 Melbourne - Carlton Gardens and Melbourne Museum
2005-03-10 Melbourne - Friends and Night Out with hostel pub crawl
2005-03-10 Melbourne - Free Tram, Victoria Markets and St. Kilda
2005-03-09 Melbourne - Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG) - Melbourne Cricket Grounds is one the world's most famous sporting venues.
**Panoramic View**
2005-03-07 Melbourne - Friends and the night out
2005-03-05 Melbourne - My First Australian Rules Football Game
**1 VIDEO**
2005-03-04 Melbourne - Night Out - Roommates and I at the Dallas bar.
2005-03-03 Melbourne - Australian Grand Prix Free Day - Also saw a friend from home - Vanessa Embling.
2005-02-28 Bulli - Bulli Lookout - The last thing my parents and I saw, also the last pictures with them in it. A beautiful lookout point.
**Panoramic View and 1 VIDEO**
2005-02-27 Woonona - Windmill Motel
2005-02-27 Cronulla - Birds and Beach
2005-02-27 Botany Bay National Park - Cape Solander - This spot is absolutely beautiful, it one of my favorite from the trip. The color and texture of the rock is unbelievable.
2005-02-27 Botany Bay National Park - Yena Picnic Area - Parents and myself by the ocean, waves over and off the rocks and rock cliffs
**2 Pages and 1 VIDEO**
2005-02-27 Royal National Park - Bungoona Trail
**2 Panoramic Views**
2005-02-27 Royal National Park - Wattamolla - Our picnic area, beach, rocks, trees, spiders, ocean and rock cliffs, plus crazy aussie kids.
**3 VIDEOS**
2005-02-27 Royal National Park - Garie Beach Lookout
**Panoramic View and 1 VIDEO**
2005-02-27 Royal National Park - Fosters Flat
2005-02-27 Royal National Park - Waterfall Flat - Rocks, Trees, Water, Flowers
2005-02-26 Woonona - Trip to Beach
2005-02-26 Cootamundra - Trip to Woonona and Macquarie Pass National Park
2005-02-25 Wagga Wagga - Anti Aircraft Gun and Botanic Gardens
**2 PAGES**
2005-02-25 Adelong - Restaurant, Waterfalls and Gold Mining
**2 PAGES**
2005-02-25 AU - Car Trip Pictures - Cattle, Deer and Corn - Are we in the US?

Tumut - Blowering Dam and Power Station - The best part of the Snowy Hydro scheme that we saw due to its size and design.
**2 PAGES**

2005-02-25 Tumut - Valley View Motor Inn Motel
2005-02-24 Tumut - Nature Views
2005-02-24 Tumut - Jounama Dam and surrounding area
2005-02-24 Snowy Mountains - Pictures from the Drive
2005-02-23 Alpine Highway - Murray 1 Power Station
2005-02-23 Alpine Highway - Scamells Ridge Lookout - A beautiful lookout and another panoramic shop, plus our picnic spot.
**Panoramic View and 1 VIDEO**
2005-02-23 Alpine Highway - Geehi Rest Area - Rocks, trees, water and tadpoles
2005-02-23 Alpine Highway - Leatherbarrel Creek Rest Area - Great pictures of the general area and of the creek next to the stop, plus my parents.
2005-02-23 Alpine Highway - Nature stops along the drive
2005-02-23 Dead Horse Gap - Nature Views - Trees, wild flowers and parents
2005-02-23 Jindabyne - City and Nature Views
2005-02-23 Kosciuszko Mountain Retreat - Our Chalet and Kangaroos
2005-02-22 Thredbo - Forest Views from the alpine highway
2005-02-22 Snowy Mountains - Hydro Electric Scheme and city/lake lookout
2005-02-22 Snowy Mountains - Charlotte's Pass - The best view of the snowy mountains that we saw. The panoramic picture is MUST see :)
**2 PAGES and Panoramic View and 1 VIDEO**
2005-02-22 Snowy Mountains - Trip to Charlotte's Pass - Rivers, rocks and us :)
2005-02-21 Jindabyne - Trout Hatchery
2005-02-21 Snowy Mountains - Nature and Wildlife - Sheep, birds and caterpillars.
2005-02-21 Kosciuszko Mountain Retreat - Kangaroos, us feeding kangaroos and wild but very sociable possums.
2005-02-21 Snowy Mountains - Drive from Cooma to Jindabyne
2005-02-21 Cooma - Bunkhouse Motel - I had my own room and double bed :)
2005-02-20 Princes Highway - Drive from Milton to Cooma
2005-02-19 Booderee National Park - Bristol Point and first wild Kangaroos
2005-02-19 Kangaroo Valley - Scenic Forest Drive
2005-02-19 Gerringong - City Lookout
2005-02-19 Kiama - Sea and Waves
2005-02-18 Blue Mountains - Mt. Tomah Botanic Gardens
2005-02-18 Blue Mountains - Pierces Pass Lookout
2005-02-18 Blue Mountains - Car Ride From Katoomba
2005-02-17 Katoomba - Scenic Lookout
2005-02-17 Jenolen - Jenolen Caves - Part of the journey is trip, in this case it was a dramatic one. Also see birds, people and yeah you guess it caves :)
**3 PAGES and 1 VIDEO**
2005-02-17 Katoomba - Echo Point and 3 Sisters
**3 PAGES and 1 VIDEO**
2005-02-16 Katoomba - Parent's First Hostel - No. 14 - The Blue House
2005-02-16 Blue Mountains - Wentworth Falls and Lookout
**2 PAGES and 4 VIDEOS**
2005-02-16 Blue Mountains - Jamison Lookout - Plants, rock cliffs, trees and more.
**2 VIDEOS**
2005-02-16 Blue Mountains - Rented Cars and Buller Lookout - Lookout included pictures of happy people, trees, rock cliffs, rivers, and great views.
**1 VIDEO**
2005-02-15 Sydney - Monorail, Maritime Museum and City Walk
2005-02-14 Sydney - Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Darling Harbour
2005-02-14 Sydney - Tongaro Zoo has a wide selection of animals, keeper talks and shows. The zoo also has great views of Sydney and a monorail
**4 PAGES and 9 VIDEOS**
2005-02-14 Sydney - Ferry to Zoo and my parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary.
2005-02-13 Sydney - Oz Experience - Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Mrs. Macquaries Point
2005-02-13 Sydney - Oz Experience - North Head - A nature walk that allowed us to see animals, plants, ocean, rock cliffs and the city from a distance.
**2 VIDEOS**
2005-02-13 Sydney - Oz Experience - Bondi, Manly and Lunch - Beach pictures, Dad's first Chinese meal, sand and surf :)
2005-02-13 Sydney - Oz Experience - Gap Bluff - Dramatic rock cliffs and views. See "the tourists" in action after a nights sleep and a morning stroll :)
**2 VIDEOS**
2005-02-12 Sydney - "The tourists", flowers, and a war memorial.
2005-02-12 Sydney - Holiday Inn Airport Motel - First place we stayed.
2005-02-12 Sydney - My Parents and Aunt/Uncle arrive safely at the Airport :)
2005-02-10 Cairns - My last night out in Cairns.
2005-02-10 Cape Tribulation - Day 2 - Mossman Gorge
2005-02-10 Cape Tribulation - Day 2 - Alexandra Range Lookout
2005-02-09 Cape Tribulation - Day 1 - Beach outside resort.
2005-02-09 Cape Tribulation - Day 1 - Marrdja Boardwalk which is rain forest and swamp.
2005-02-09 Cape Tribulation - Day 1 - Daintree River Cruise. A crocodile, bird, and flying foxes :)
2005-02-07 Cairns - Night Out at the Woolshed
2005-02-07 Cairns - Esplanade Walk
2005-02-05 Innisfail - Johnstone River Crocodile Farm. Crocodiles, birds, kangaroos, wallaby, and Cassowaries . Brock holding a baby croc. Plus see the snake in my pants :)
**2 PAGES**
2005-02-05 Tully - Golden Gumboot (Even though you never would, if you were going to skip any pictures on site these are the ones)
2005-02-04 Townsville - Scuba Diving Trip Days 1-3 (Julia's Camera) - Talking more about what we did on the trip - New to the site - 3/10/2006
2005-02-04 Townsville - Scuba Diving Trip Day 3 (Courtenay's Camera) - They show more of the boat itself and areas where we would dive.
2005-02-04 Townsville - Scuba Diving Great Barrier Reef Trip Day 3
2005-02-03 Townsville - Scuba Diving Great Barrier Reef Trip Day 2
2005-02-02 Townsville - Scuba Diving Great Barrier Reef Trip Day 1
2005-02-01 Townsville - Scuba Diving Trip Boat
2005-02-00 Australia Underwater Camera - Pictures from 12 dives and 3 snorkeling trips. Include sharks, turtles, rays, fish, coral, sea cucumbers and me
**2 PAGES**
2005-01-31 Airlie Beach - Whitsunday's Sailing Trip Day 3
**2 PAGES**
2005-01-30 Airlie Beach - Whitsunday's Sailing Trip Day 2 (Turtle pictures)
**2 PAGES**
2005-01-29 Airlie Beach - Whitsunday's Sailing Trip Day 1
**2 PAGES**
2005-01-28 Dingo - Trip to Airlie Beach. Views from bus and Red-Back Spiders.
2005-01-28 Dingo Farm - Morning Wildlife
2005-01-27 Dingo Farm - My Pictures of the overnight stay in a farm with wildlife, competitions, drinking and dancing :)
**2 PAGES**
2005-01-27 and 28 Dingo Farm - Dave the Oz Driver's Pictures. This was a overnight stay in a farm with wildlife, competitions, drinking and dancing :)
2005-01-25 Fraser Island - Day Two. Central Station, forest walk, ferns, trees, eels and Lake McKenzie.

Fraser Island - Day One. The world's biggest sand island including stops at nature trails, dingoes, Lake Wabby, dingoes, the Pinnacles, Red Canyon, dingoes, S.S. Maheno, sea turtles, Indian Head and dingoes.
**5 PAGES**

2005-01-23 Brisbane - Australian Zoo (Crocodile Hunter's Zoo - Steve Irwin)
**4 PAGES**
2005-01-22 Brisbane - Site Seeing with Sayoko (Art Gallery, Museum and River)
2005-01-21 Brisbane - Night Out
2005-01-20 Brisbane - Mirco's Camera and Night Out
2005-01-20 Brisbane - Roller Blading Self Directed City Tour
2005-01-16 Byron Bay - Scuba Dive Pictures - Niki's Camera - Her pictures turned out much better than the ones I took with a disposable Camera. Pictures Include blue spotted rays, coral, turtles, sharks, eagle rays, sharks and fish.
**2 PAGES**
2005-01-15 Ballina - Big Prawn
2005-01-15 Gibraltar Range National Park - Raspberry Lookout and Group
**1 VIDEO**
2005-01-14 Bingara - Swimming Stop and Scenery
2005-01-14 Mount Kaputar National Park - Sawn Rocks
2005-01-14 Warrumbungles - Observatory and Park View from It
2005-01-14 Warrumbungles National Park - Wildlife Walk
**2 PAGES**
2005-01-14 Warrumbungles - First Wild Kangaroos by the Bus
2005-01-14 Warrumbungles - Nature Stop at Whitegum Lookout
2005-01-14 Warrumbungles - Oz Bus and Warrumbungles Camp
2005-01-13 Blue Mountains - Oz Bus Stop at View
2005-01-12 Sydney - National Maritime Museum
2005-01-11 Sydney - OZ Experience Sydney Day Tour
**3 PAGES**
2005-01-09 Sydney - Chinatown
2005-01-08 Coogee - Beach Pictures
2005-01-08 Cronulla - Last Day at the Apartment
2005-01-07 Botany Bay National Park - Captain Cook's first landing spot and a beautiful national park.
**4 PAGES and 1 VIDEO**
2005-01-06 Royal National Park - Coastal views, dramatic rock colors and beaches.
**4 PAGES and 1 VIDEO**
2005-01-04 Sydney - City Touring - Art Gallery of New South Wales, Hyde Park, the Archibald Fountain, the Pool of Reflection, ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Core) memorial and Paddington.
2005-01-02 Cronulla - Barbecue on the Rocks for Tim's last night in Oz.
2005-01-02 Cronulla - Beach Area were we went do sun tanning and surfing.
2005-01-01 Sydney - Fireworks at Harbour Bridge For New Years with Tim and Caitlin
**5 VIDEOS**
2004-12-31 Neutral Bay - New Year's Eve Party with Dave's friends
2004-12-29 Cronulla - My Birthday Party (Before Going Out)
2004-12-28 Sydney - Site Seeing Trip - Harbour Bridge and Opera House with Tim
2004-12-28 Sydney - Site Seeing Trip (Darling Harbour and Around Sydney) with Tim.
**2 PAGES**
2004-12-25 Cronulla - Christmas Supper on the Beach
2004-12-24 Cronulla - Christmas Eve Party with my roommates.
2004-12-24 Cronulla - Pictures from the apartment I am staying at for Christmas and New Years with friends I met in Fiji (Caitlin and Jordan).