New Zealand Pictures (From 2004-10-29 to 2004-12-22)

Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Descriptions
2004-12-22 Auckland, NZ - Bungy Jump
2004-12-21 Auckland, NZ - Crazy night out at Base Bar
2004-12-21 Auckland, NZ - Rangitoto Volcano Island Hike
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2004-12-20 Auckland, NZ - Stray City Tour - Sky Tower, Harbour, and other stops.
2004-12-16 Wellington, NZ - Te Papa - National Museum - Day 3
2004-12-15 Wellington, NZ - Wellington Zoo
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2004-12-15 Wellington, NZ - Te Papa - National Museum - Day 2
2004-12-14 Kaikoura, NZ - Seal Colony
2004-12-13 Kaikoura, NZ - Nature Pictures
2004-12-13 Kaikoura, NZ - Whale Watching Trip and Dusky Dolphins as well :)
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2004-12-13 Kaikoura, NZ - City Pictures
2004-12-13 Kaikoura, NZ - Bus Ride and Seal Colony
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2004-12-11 Christchurch, NZ - Christchurch Botanic Gardens
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2004-12-11 Christchurch, NZ - Christchurch Art Gallery
2004-12-11 Christchurch, NZ - Cathedral Square and City Walk
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2004-12-09 Rakaia, NZ - World's Biggest Caught Fish - A really big plastic fish :)
2004-12-09 Moeraki, NZ - Moeraki Boulders - Really big round rocks :)
2004-12-08 Dunedin, NZ - Otago University
2004-12-08 Dunedin, NZ - Botanic Gardens
2004-12-08 Dunedin, NZ - World's Steepest Street - Baldwin Street
2004-12-08 Dunedin, NZ - Cadbury World - Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate :)
2004-12-07 Dunedin, NZ - Rail Station and Garden
2004-12-06 Dunedin, NZ - Supper with Nina (Veggie Lasagna)
2004-12-05 Caitlin's Wilderness, NZ - Sea Lion Colony and Surrounding Beaches
2004-12-05 Caitlin's Wilderness, NZ - Stream and Waterfall
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2004-12-05 Caitlin's Wilderness, NZ - Petrified Forest and Surrounding Beaches
2004-12-04 Invercargill, NZ - Bus Trip from Te Anau to Invercargill
2004-12-03 Te Anau, NZ - Supper with Nina (Pasta)
2004-12-03 Milford Sound, NZ - Bus trip Milford Sound to Te Anau
2004-12-03 Milford Sound, NZ - Interesting Stream and Rocks
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Milford Sound, NZ - Milford Sound Boat Cruise - It is something you really have to see. Pictures don't do it justice, but give you a feel for it.
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2004-12-03 Milford Sound, NZ - Bus trip Te Anau to Milford Sound
2004-12-03 Mirror Lake, NZ - Bus Trip Queenstown to Te Anau and Mirror Lake
2004-12-03 Queenstown, NZ - Pictures while leaving on bus
Nov and Dec 2004 Pictures from Nina's Camera
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2004-12-01 Queenstown, NZ - City Walk and Swing Set
2004-12-01 Queenstown, NZ - Bus Ride to Queenstown
2004-12-01 Cardona, NZ - Cardona Hotel and Bar
2004-12-01 Wanaka, NZ - Puzzling World and Wanaka Pictures
2004-11-30 Wanaka, NZ - Mountain Bike Trip
2004-11-29 Wanaka, NZ - Lake Wanaka
2004-11-29 Southern Alps, NZ - A scenic picture stop along the way to Wanaka.
2004-11-29 Mt. Aspiring, NZ - A scenic picture and food stop along the way to Wanaka with great views of Mt. Aspiring National Park.
2004-11-29 NZ - Waterfalls and Stream - Scenic picture stop along the way to Wanaka.
2004-11-29 NZ - Stray Bus Friends
2004-11-28 Franz Josef Glacier Park, NZ - Glacier Walk
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2004-11-27 Lake Hawea, NZ - A scenic picture stop along the way to Franz Josef.
2004-11-27 NZ - Puke Pub and Possum Museum
2004-11-26 Barrytown, NZ - Stray Bus Friends at the Bar
2004-11-26 Barrytown, NZ - Beach and Jade Stone Search
2004-11-26 Punakaiki, NZ - Surrounding Area's Nature including a walk along the ocean and down to the river and beach.
2004-11-26 Punakaiki, NZ - Cave Exploring
2004-11-26 Punakaiki, NZ - Beautiful Pancake Rocks of Punakaiki
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2004-11-25 Barrytown, NZ - Thanksgiving Supper with Jeff
2004-11-25 Buller Gorge, NZ - Kilkenny Lookout.
2004-11-25 Marahau, NZ - Stray Bus, Old MacDonalds Farm and Nina.
2004-11-24 Marahau, NZ - Able Tasman Walk -Tonga to Park Exit Able Tasman is the most walked trail in New Zealand. It has beautiful trees, rocks, waterfalls, beaches and much more.
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2004-11-24 Marahau, NZ - Aqua Taxi to Able Tasman Walk. Fur Seals, Split Apple Rock and other scenery.
2004-11-23 Marahau, NZ - Catamaran Trip Around Able Tasman and Walk Back
2004-11-22 Nelson, NZ - Mountain Bike Trip. Trees, streams, city views and sheep.
2004-11-21 Picton, NZ - Ferry to South Island from Wellington.
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November 2004 Pictures from Emily's Camera - It is nice to see it from a different person's point of view and she took some very nice pictures.
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2004-11-18 Wellington, NZ - City Walk and pictures of unique buildings.
2004-11-17 Wellington, NZ - Te Papa Museum
2004-11-17 Wellington, NZ - Mt. Victoria Lookout - Mt. Victoria is located close to central Wellington making for a good view point of the surrounding area.
2004-11-14 Napier, NZ - National Aquarium of New Zealand
2004-11-13 Lake Taupo, NZ - Crater's of the Moon thermal park.
2004-11-13 Lake Taupo, NZ - Huka Falls
2004-11-13 Lake Taupo, NZ - Pictures from one of the best mountain bike rides I have ever been on.
2004-11-13 Lake Taupo, NZ - Sky Dive (Pictures from Skydive Taupo). Pictures of the setup, before, during and after the landing.
2004-11-13 Lake Taupo, NZ - Sky Dive (Pictures from my camera). Pictures of the setup, before, during and after the landing.
2004-11-12 Rotorua, NZ - Geothermal Mud Pools
2004-11-12 Rotorua, NZ - My first indoor wall climbing experience.
2004-11-11 Rotorua, NZ - Night Out at Hot Rock's Bar - After our day out in Rotorua we decided to go the bar that was next to our dorm room.
2004-11-11 Rotorua, NZ - Zorbing down a hill in a big rubber ball,...need to see it to understand it :)
2004-11-11 Rotorua, NZ - Skyline (Gondola and Luge Rides) - Luge is a race down a hill in a little cart. It is so much fun.
2004-11-10 Rotorua, NZ - Whakarewarewa Thermal Park. The thermal park has the Pohuta geyser that can reach up to 30 meters.
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2004-11-09 Rotorua, NZ - Rotorua Thermal Parks. Rotorua is the most popular tourist area in the North Island.

Hamilton, NZ - Hamilton Zoo
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2004-11-08 Hamilton, NZ - Walk Along Waikato River
2004-11-07 Waipoua Forest, NZ - Waipoua Forest (Kauri Trees)
2004-11-07 Opononi, NZ - Lookout View of Hokainga Harbour and Opononi
2004-11-06 Rawene, NZ - Car ferry and pictures of Hokiango Harbour.
2004-11-06 Awanui, NZ - Beautiful wooden carved items from Kauri tree stumps.
2004-11-06 90 Mile Beach, NZ - Beach pictures and where the car got stuck :)
2004-11-05 Cape Reinga, NZ - Cape Reinga is the second most northpoint of the north island and has a great lighthouse.
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2004-11-05 Te Paki, NZ - Sandboarding down the sand dunes with Aaron and Adam. It was an awesome experience, the hills were almost straight down.
2004-11-05 Matai Bay, NZ - The twin coves of Matai Bay, on the Karikari peninsula.
2004-11-05 Cooper's Beach, NZ - Beach and wildlife views.
2004-11-04 Paihia, NZ - Nature walk with scenic views and interesting trees & wooden carved chair at lodge.
2004-11-04 Paihia, NZ - Sea cruise of the Bay of Islands cruise, dolphins, islands and friends.
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2004-11-03 Whangarei, NZ - Whangarei Falls and Road Trip Car - Ford Telstar
2004-11-02 Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) - Mt. Eden and view of city
2004-10-31 Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) - Subway Station
2004-10-30 Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) - Sky Tower
2004-10-30 Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) - Maritime Museum

Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) - Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World.
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2004-10-29 Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) - Lunch with Anna and Steff and City Walk with Isabelle