Trip Planning & Pre-Departure Pictures

(From 2004-09-06 to 2004-09-23)

Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Descriptions
2004-09-23 Leaving day. My laptop, travel bags, Sheri (Mother) & Brother (Thad).
2004-09-22 Travel bags and items to take. Everything that I had to pack into the 2 bags for my 12 to 18 month trip.
2004-09-21 Pictures of my grandma Ruth & Mom.
2004-09-20 Last lunch with Lori and Angela at Pizza Hut in Dodgeville.
2004-09-18 My family including my great aunt Lucille Brown.
2004-09-11 Supper at Smokey Bones BBQ in Madison before going out that night.
2004-09-10 After work festivities celebrating my departure from Lands' End & the country.
2004-09-10 Soccer group from the game on my last day at Lands' End.
2004-09-08 Last bocce game at Lands' End.
2004-09-06 Lands' End work cubicle pictures. They aren't travel pictures, but they are the base for comparison :)