Story from May 10 Through May 13

May 10

The first part of the day was spent was spent getting used to the city. After that we had to start on our tasks. Adrian had to start trying to find work. I also had a long list of tasks I needed to complete before Sayoko & I left Perth. First on this was getting my flights picked for the rest of the trip. I went to STA which was within a block of the hostel. I was meeting Nina (friend from Germany who I met in New Zealand) in Thailand on July 9, so I decided that I wanted to fly into Bangkok the day before on July 8. I had to leave Australia on June 23, so that meant I needed to spend some time somewhere for a little more than 2 weeks. I talked to Lisa a STA rep who helped me figure out what I wanted to do. I also needed to book the rest of my trip. So what I did was set things so that I would stay in Thailand until November 15 when I would fly home. I decided I wanted to fly home then because it was the Tuesday before deer hunting & a week before Thanksgiving. I go hunting with my brother & had missed that the year before. However, I wanted to surprise my family so I told them that I would not be home until December 13, just before Christmas. This took a good part of a day all to figure out because there were many options about where I could go, I decided to fly into Bali & book my first week on the Lisa's advice. Booking the first week got me a free white water rafting trip which looked like a lot of fun. It would also be nice to have a chance to just recuperate after being on the road again with Sayoko for the next 5+ weeks. We also got groceries, several Boost juice drinks & ran other errands.

May 11

When Adrian & I had been in Melbourne we had meet a girl named Anya, who was from Perth. We had promised we would let her know when we got to Perth so we could hang out. Adrian & I had also promised each other that we would bungy if we made it to Perth. So we developed a plan. We would go to bungy at the place in Perth & meet Anya there who would watch us. Then we would have her show us around Freemantle, which a nicer part of Perth. As part of our tasks the day before we had researched where this place was so that we could find it the next day. We met Anya there around 11 in the morning, the problem was that this place was closed in the "winter". It is so crazy because it was not cold at all, but I guess that is different to different people :) So we decided it was not to be & went to Freemantle where we found a high quality Subway & Boost juice place. We caught up on how things had been for her & shared our road stories. After doing that & looking around for a while we followed Anya back to her house. She had been kind enough to let my mom send me a package directly to her house (packages go quicker to specific addresses). So I had my care package from my mom, that even included some Cheerios!! I love breakfast cereal :) We also got to meet her family & talk to them about traveling & other things. After that Adrian & I headed back to the hostel. It had been a nice day even though we did not get to do our bungy jump.

May 12

There is not a whole lot to report from this day. It was mainly spent trying to catch up on e-mails, doing tasks & getting caught up from being gone from civilization for so long. I also had to make up invoices for the business & design a web site. Most of the day was spent at the hostel. Adrian & I got our camera film developed to CD so that we would copy each others pictures since he didn't have many & I did not have much for the last part of the trip.

May 13

On May 13 I would get a lot more done. I bought a "new" camera. Although it was basically the exact same one as I had before (although it is named slightly different). The only real improvement is that it is a 5 mega pixel camera, where the old one was 4. I was actually really lucky to get it because all the old parts work, but I had to pay $499 for it. The batteries from the old camera would have been worthless, because they are different in every other model. Also, there were only 2 other options for new camera's that use the memory cards I had. So I was really stuck and just decided to stick with what I knew, even though I would have liked to get a nicer camera. I have also been getting everything else I can done and bought. I got a new small bag as the old one is tearing apart and the zipper isn't working anymore, this was one I bought for my laptop. I am also looking for new shoes and sun glasses, but didn't have time to do that. I spent most of today looking around for other things I had to get caught up. When you are away from civilization for this long, the list of what you have to do really adds up :) I spent the afternoon with Sayoko looking around the city. There are pictures and descriptions of that in a separate folder.