Story from June 21 Through June 23

June 21 through June 23

After getting to Perth & Globe backpackers the night before I had checked in, then did a little work but basically went to sleep as my flight got in later that night. I wanted to get some rest for the next few days because I knew that I had 2+ days to do everything I could before I sent my computer back home before leaving for Bali. I had some luck because I was able to leech off the hostel's wireless network. They caught me just before I left, but since I had been there so long & knew the guys who worked the front they just told me avoid doing it when the owner was there & it would be fine. Basically you had to be in the hostel to get to the network because it was a router the guys had brought in from home when the old one failed & it happened to be wireless, which was how I was able to get on. They had seen someone on & off the network & finally figured out it was me. It was nice to have the fast access, because I loaded over 2 months of pictures to the site & send dozens of email messages, plus did other things I needed online. It was the last time I put pictures or new material on this web site until after I got home. After getting this all done I sent my computer back to the US, the morning before I left for Bali.

I really didn't spend much time meeting people at the hostel since I was working on my computer so much. I did see Adrian again which was cool. It was amazing how good his English had become, I remember first meeting him in Tasmania & him having to use his translator. When I saw him in Perth he spoke so fluently it was cool to see him progress that much because it had been a goal of his. At this point we both had long hair & we decided to get it cut at the same time. Adrian got it really short & I had about half of the length I had. I had really adjusted to having the long hair & loved it, but I knew Bali would be even warmer than Darwin & I thought doing this would help to keep me a little cooler. I also talked to him about what he had been doing & what his plans were for the rest of his trip. Another funny coincidence was that we ended up taking the same shuttle to the airport, him to fly back to the East Coast & me to Bali. I guess there are certain people you just end up spending a lot of time with.

Having used every day of my six months in Australia I was leaving with so many memories. It was exciting to move on to the next part of my trip. I don't think I will ever experience anything like Australia again, it is just so huge, diverse & beautiful. I met so many friends old & new, traveled with my parents & took on some of the most harsh conditions imaginable. My time in Australia will always hold a very special time in my heart & I would encourage anyone to go there, but make sure to get to the places most don't go, like Tasmania, the west coast & the Kimberly, they are just so unique. If you do go to Australia go there with your eyes open, it will really surprise you, it is completely different that you may imagine, in a good way.