Diary - 2004-09-24

First off let me say the way the International Date Line & traveling West works I never actually experience September 24, 2004.However, I decided to add this journal entry as the flight from LA to Nadi, Fiji.

After boarding the airplane I was happy to see that the row I was in had no one else & that I didn’t have seats in front of me.Later a man moved to my row to my previously empty row to sleep.The airplane was a Boeing 747 2 deck plane, which is huge.I have never been on a plane with multiple levels before.I was in the bottom deck but very close to the front.I had a nice view of the takeoff & landing (although it was dark when both happened).Right after takeoff I was trying to figure out the headphones for music & I was struggling.A lady behind me helped me out.She went on to explain that she was a backpacker from Australia & she gave me some tips & such.It was nice to have met my first person before I even got to a hostel.

I tried to sleep for the majority of the flight but with little success.I think I might have got a total of 3-4 hours, but it was very sporadic.I also did some reading & laptop work.The airline I was flying with was Air Pacific.They are a great airline to fly with.The food was pretty good for both meals.They gave you nice pillows, blankets, warm towels, water & whatever you needed.It was by far the best airline I have ever flown on.