Diary - 2004-09-26

We woke up around 8, just before breakfast.One thing that you learn is that backpackers never miss an opportunity for food, because sometimes they don’t eat much for several days.My first night of sleeping in the dorm on the top bunk had went really well.I didn’t fall out & even though the lights are on most of the night, I slept almost straight thru, probably because I hadn’t slept much for about 2 � days.After breakfast we decided that we were going to walk the island, which we were told would take us 2 hours Fiji time.

We started by going right when we left the resort. The day was perfect for the walk.

Island Walk

Very beautiful day

Sandals hurt my feet so I walked lots of the beach without shoes

Got to really know the group

Amazed at how interested people were in me & my thoughts

Started my Fiji tan

Walk took about 3 to 4 hours, so we barely made it back for lunch

Saw so many beautiful things


Animals (First Blue Starfish)


White sand was so soft 

Had some very tough rock crossings

Collecting shells (People looking for shells for me)

Ate lunch as a group & talked about the shells & trip

Josh (a Fijian from the island) also showed us some card tricks

Snorkeling trip in afternoon

After lunch we went over the top of the island to the back side of the island

The guys went snorkeling for a while & the girls suntanned

We saw so many fish, coral, & plants it was incredible

After a while the women went as well with Anders & I

This time we went a little different way, but still saw incredible see life

Anders & Jonas are both really good swimmers, they could go underwater very deep & for a very long time.

After we were all done we stood around on the beach & did some other things

Anders & Jonas got some coconuts out of a tree & opened them

I don’t like coconut, but the milk from them is ok

We also messed around in the sand & waves

Like seeing how deep we could get buried in the sand & such

We also skipped & threw rocks

After all the activity we went back to the dorms & caught some showers before supper

Back at the hut I met a couple guys (One was Jimmy from Washington D.C.)

We talked for quite a while

It was that time of the night so we all met for supper

After supper was international night

This meant that everyone had to sing there national anthem

The Fijian & Irish went first

After that we talked Anders & Jonas into saying their anthem

They also ended up doing another short drinking song in Swedish

Lindsey, Laura & I were the only ones from our countries so we just did a quick kids song that we all knew

After the songs was the limbo

Fijian limbo rules are funny because basically the people never go out

There was this guy who touched the pole like 5 times & he just kept going

They like everyone to be involved I guess but it was really annoying