E-mail Update 2004-10-01

Subject: Travel Adventures Tracking Site

Hey Everyone,

My travel tracking site is www.genextsoftware.com/travel

There may not be much new out there right now. However, I already have over 300 pictures to add and some commentary. I will probably add things much more frequently when I get to more Internet friendly places like New Zealand and Australia. Communications are expensive in the smaller pacific islands.

Also, note that I am trying to keep up on e-mails but right now I am about 3 weeks behind and I don't frequently get connections so please be patient. If you have to get me a message asap contact my mother - sheri@chopperbox.com.

Hope everything is going well. Personally I am having a great time, this trip has been awesome for the first week. I am in Nadi (pronounced Nan-di), Fiji right now. Tomorrow I am leaving to go to a small village Wailatola) to stay for a few days. There I will be living off roots and drinking kava, it should be interesting :)