E-mail Update - 2005-11-15

I'm Home!

Hey Everyone,

Well after 29 hours of flights & crossing 13 time zones from Bangkok to Milwaukee (via New York & Atlanta) & a surprise to my immediate family, I am back home. Wanted to come home for deer hunting with my brother & Thanksgiving with my entire family, since I missed both last year. But I wanted to surprise my parents & brother so I came home just in time to be able to make the holidays :) My cousin Crystal picked me up at the airport. She also got my family in one place which was cool, it worked out really well ;) So a big thanks goes out to Crystal :)

Not really sure what I will be doing for the immediate future other than spending time with family & friends. Although my current list includes updating all the pictures from the trip on my web site, designing web sites for some people & getting ready for my brother's April wedding.

I already have mini-reunions setup with some of you. I am also planning to come to Dodgeville on Nov 18 for morning basketball & to catch lunch at Pizza hut with people from work around noon. E-mails for that to come tomorrow after I get some sleep tonight. For everyone else just let me know if you would like to get together & we can set something up :)

I will be staying at my parents house in Boscobel, WI here is the contact

15970 Dry Hollow Road
Boscobel, WI 53805

My US Cell & Business Phone - 608-574-0730
Parent's Number - 608-375-5616