E-mail Update - 2006-04-13

Thad and Kristy's Wedding Pictures

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to quickly share the event that happened this past weekend. My brother Thad & Kristy (Smith) got married, everything went really well & it was a beautiful day. Sayoko (from Japan - here for 3 months) took around 600 pictures with my digital camera & several videos. I was originally going to only send this to family, but then I thought people might get a laugh out of seeing me in a tuxedo for the first time. Here is the quick link on the travel web site:


Things have been going well in the past month. This weekend Sayoko & I are going to Chicago for 3 nights. We also went to North Carolina & Tennessee for Spring Break which was a great trip a few weeks ago. I will send out a proper update & let you know when I get more travel pictures online. I have been working on Thailand & Japan, but put Thad & Kristy's wedding ahead of that. I am 1/2 done getting a new group of travel pictures online so watch for that in the next couple weeks!

Love & Peace