E-mail Update - 2006-10-07

Quick Update - My New Plan

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that I left Peru & South America this past Friday (October 6). I had been there quite a while & decided a drastic change of view & country was what I was looking for. I am now in Costa Rica on Playa del Coco (Coco Beach) which is in the northwest & obviously on the coast. I am going to be a beach bum & do some diving here.

Anyone who knows me well knows have important family is to me. Well, I
have a new nephew at home (which I emailed you all about). I am really
anxious to see John so I am going home this coming Friday (October 13)...yep that is right flying on Friday the 13th...wish me luck!!

Also wanted to say that I am quite behind on email...sorry. I will probably just relax this last week & respond to everyone after I am home.
Working on a group update as well, but that might not come out for a while either.

Love & Peace