E-mail Update - 2007-03-18

Web Sites & Coming Home March 22

Hope this note finds everyone healthy & happy,

As some of you have noticed (and asked me about) parts of my web site are gone including my travel pictures. Here is what happened. My web site company uses another company to house our physical server, which we configure & use for our customers. That company (Server Matrix) was no longer an option & we had about one week to get web sites switched to a new host. By the way Server Matrix is a horrible company who was very inflexible & I can't believe how we were treated by them after 3 years of dedication. Seems customer service & loyalty is not what it used to be, but either way this caused both Josh (who works on the servers) & myself hundreds of hours of work. It meant that every web site we host as a company (including my personal ones) had to be moved. There are tens of thousands of pictures on my web site so that has to all be re-uploaded. Since I had to do this I decided I would do some work on the pictures with Photoshop to brighten some dark ones, correct any spelling errors & create a new look that will be consistent across all the pictures. I also set it up so each country has its own background color & its own pictures at the top of the each groups page. At this point only the pre-trip 1, New Caledonia & Fiji pictures back on-line. I will continue to work on this as I have time to do so in the future & at some point in the distant future hope to have all my traveling pictures on-line with commentary.

My business is still the www.genextsoftware.com site which has not changed. What is different is now all my personal & diving information is on www.brockwaterman.com (yeah how vain am I!!). The site has combined my personal travel site, diving resume & will house anything else I decided to add later. So far I have decided not to continue the egarage sale site, but maybe at some point I may put a few things for sale on the site. The web site has a new look from the old travel site. I decided to design it in a new font, which you can download & install from www.brockwaterman.com/font . Doing this will show the web site in the way I intended, but it looks ok without doing this as well. Another thing I have done is put all my old travel emails on the web site in case you enjoyed reading these or wanted to know something about a specific country.

Now to the second part of this message, as it says in the heading I will be coming home. March 7 was my last day of work in the Cayman Islands & I have been on vacation since then. There are several reasons for this but it all really boiled down to the following:

(1) Working 6 hard laboring days a week, which meant I needed a day just to recover, not allowing me to have any fun or see anything.
(2) Losing money while working this hard, I had to dig into my savings just for basic things!
(3) No diversity in work, I did the same things almost everyday.
(4) Probably the most important even though this island is beautiful & nice, it is not my vibe. It is too developed, I prefer the backpacker vibe, plus the local people are anything but friendly here (with a few notable exceptions).

Having said all that it was a great experience for me to learn how to really be an instructor, for the great people I met/worked with & seeing a different type of travel. I came into this experience with an open mind & have learned a lot about life & people. The more I travel the more I learn what I like. Plus I got into shape, got a great tan (for me anyway) & have naturally highlighted hair now, gotta love that ;)

I changed my flights a few weeks ago & will now be coming home March 22. This has given me 2 weeks to explore the island. I rented a car which has been great & given me a freedom I lacked before. I have been diving several times & have attached five of the better pictures from these experiences to give you a glimpse of how beautiful the underwater world here can be.

Not exactly sure of what I will be doing next, but after spending a short time around home, I plan to leave on another world trip. This time I think I will go back to the basics, which means traveling around meeting people with no worries about learning a language or going someplace to work. Just like I did on trip #1. I think the destination will be Asia because I have always wanted to go back there to complete what I ran out of time on trip #1 for. While traveling around if I find another Koh Phi Phi, meaning an island I fall in love with, which has amazing diving & jobs available I might settle down & work for a while. Although I am not bothered if I would travel for the entire time just meeting people & seeing things :) It is a tough lifestyle but I can handle it ;)

Once I have a true plan for the next trip I will let everyone know...

Love & Peace!