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2009-04-30 - My 15 minutes of fame - tonight on NBC 15 News at 6 & 10pm

To see the video from the 10pm show click here


Here is the story from their web site:

UW-Platteville Student Is Home After Trip To Mexico Is Cut Short Save Email Print
Reporter: Barclay Pollak - Email Address: bpollak@nbc15.com

Posted Thursday, April 30, 2009 -- 6:00 p.m. -- "My initial reaction is that flu is flu. "

That was what Brock Waterman thought about a week ago while he was studying abroad in Mexico. Since then he's changed his tone a little.... and is now back in Boscobel in southwestern Wisconsin. " Where I was at in the semester it just didn't seem like it was worth sticking around for." The UW-Platteville junior was in Guadalajara about 200 miles from where the swine flu first appeared in Mexico City. But he didn't hear about it until he spoke to his parents last Thursday. "I think our big concern was that if they close the border and then he got sick and then we couldn't go down there, he couldn't come here." Brock and his parents didn't discuss bringing him home until Sunday night. But once he found out classes were canceled at the university on the following Monday and Tuesday, the decision became a no-brainer. " That was the point I was like this is no longer fine. There's actually problems." Waterman wasn't due back for another three weeks. But with the situation worsening, he jumped on the next plane and headed home. "When I came through the airport I had a bandanna that I had over my mouth and then I was just washing my hands like mad for the whole trip home." The trip may have been scary. But, his parents say they're glad he's home. "Wonderful. Best decision he ever made I believe coming home." Waterman says he's still in contact with friends in Mexico. There haven't been any cases of swine flu in the area he was staying.


First Email I sent about it:

Hey Everyone,

Today I am being interviewed by NBC 15, from Madison, Wisconsin, for their news shows at 6pm and 10pm tonight. Also they are interviewing the study abroad coordinator at my university, Donna Anderson, and my parents about the swine flu and my time in Mexico. Sure in the end it will only be my 10 seconds of fame, but hey thought you might this interesting. We don't have a DVR so if anyone could record it and send it to me digitally I would love you forever! For everyone on the international list who doesn't get TV here and can't see it I still thought you might find it interesting and if I get the digital copy I could get it on Facebook or my web site. Love & Peace!


Second Email:

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the email offers with help for information about the show being on the web as well and people offering to DVR the show.

4 Updates for this:
1) Interestingly if you go http://www.nbc15.com and look at the scrolling update it says that I have returned from Mexico and been quarantined which I found funny and attached a screen shot of to this message.
2) As several people have now told me http://www.nbc15.com/news should have this story online, so around 10:30pm tonight, about 7 hours from now, it should be on the web site. I was told that it should be there for about a week if you want to check it out
3) The shows at 6pm and 10pm are different shows and Barkley Pollak, the reporter who came here, said typically the 10pm show is the longer version of the interview.
4) My aunt Bonnie is DVRing the show for me (thanks for the other offers as well!)

Love & Peace!